14,000-Year-Old Poop Could Hint at Oldest Known Human Settlement in North America



Found in the well-known Paisley Caves in Oregon, the faeces add to the growing consensus that human history on the continent pre-dates the Clovis culture thought to have been established about 11,500 years ago.

The South Atlantic Anomaly May Go Back Far Longer Than Anybody Knew



That’s a problem for spacecraft today. But perhaps the greatest significance of the ‘South Atlantic Anomaly’ is what it might mean for tomorrow: specifically, whether the mysterious phenomenon foreshadows the beginnings of a complete polar reversal of Earth’s magnetic field.

“Look Out Below”: Why The Economy Is About To Fly Off A Fiscal Cliff | Zero Hedge



In summary, after July 31 the US economy is set to fly off a fiscal cliff that could be just as painful as what happened in late March/April unless there is a bipartisan agreement in Congress on trillions more in fiscal stimulus. The clock is now ticking.

13TH on Netflix


Seen “13TH” on Netflix yet?

This is an excellent documentary on how the #13thAmendment opened the floodgates to #PoliceBrutality and the #Genocide of modern day #BlackAmericans. Make sure you watch this one.

BlackLivesMatter #WeAreHumanToo #WhiteFragility