Brian Levens a.k.a byron lebeau

on Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness

Date: November 19, 1999

Dearest Rick,

Thanks for baring your soul in your magnificent Legions of Light presentation: I love you unconditionally as my true friend and co-worker for the Truth…

There are so many emotions touched upon — executed with piercing pathos — that I, lebeau, can scarcely decide how or where to begin. Let me just say that both The Back Left Corner of Heaven as well as Genetic Legacy left a superior effect on my soul/spirit… Xenophobic was also an extraordinary expression of your poetic use of words.

I was touched by your candidness and believe I have intuited the situation. I have felt the pain of not being able to completely harness that of whom I loved — and it caused me much, much pain… whatever… true growth comes with much pain.

As busy as I am and distracted by some serious stuff, I made it a point to read the whole book. WOW! You set the scene in fine fashion in the last stanza of Journey To The Center: // a battle of old and new realms // with the taste of fresh desires // thought dead so long ago.

I like the way you expressed the feeling to the “Father” in My Assassins: // He who graces // Himself // with my spit // The realization of my obsession // emanates // in unseen freedoms, //

And in Making ItAngels begin to cry // everytime // a friend succeeds – // I die a little // } Apt expression for the Kingdom of Man.

In Revival I loved the depiction of the Vigilante Patriarch: // false God rotting // in the stains // of my enslaved corpse // } Boy – are you ripe for going from death to the Kingdom of Man to the true beauty of the Kingdom of God! Excellent. This process is keenly manifested in the Gospel of Thomas!

In THE CALLING section, I loved both Communion and Confirmation: by describing yourself as // the mere moth // entombed // among catacombs, // To the flame // I plunge, // Phoenix and Mantis, // mating eagles to doves // speaks volumes. I have had an “eagle” synchronicity recently (cr: attached ‘chit-chat II’ with eagle note… I wish you could have been there but I know you and Janet were on a mission).

Plus, the juxtaposition: Caesars, // prostitutes of Yaldobaoth // I am – // honesty, // humanity’s birthright, // the fool // who employed // Lucifer… // } Don’t worry Rick – you woke up; besides, as you said later: you are doomed to perfection.

Your brilliance really comes to the fore with THE HORSEMEN COMETH. I loved just about everything in this section… for example, the whole of Xenophobic is a masterpiece:
// a forbidden planet, // } How apt an expression a la Melville’s ocean ruled by Moby Dick.
// your agendas filling // Mother’s breast // } My mother god damn it!!!
// with snapped bones, // skeletons // of her children // } Magnificent!
// How natural // your grin // upon the infant’s // chain addiction // } Boy, did you nail the imagery here.
// talons of the // global oppression // The gridlock of Marshall Law // } Armies of Darkness… yes, yes, yes – who are about to try to crush me via IRS lien on my salary. 😦
// chain not my vision // not my spirit // } Amen Rick!

Note: I had a synchronicity while reading Sexism on phrase // Eye to eye //; I heard on my audiotape Clannad (of which I had several synchronicities). It was the phrase “close my eyes” [Time 9:06am on Nov. 17th]. Maybe your eyes are now budding to open before they blossom to full gnosis since you need to wring out the necessary fertilizer and wash yourself until you are fully clean… allusion from tractate before “Book of Thomas, the Contender” (cr: p.194 in the Nag Hammadi, “Exegesis of the Soul”). Believe me, I was guided to the page since I only remember the simile — not where it was — guided divinely because this was an important statement in the Nag Hammadi. Meditate on…

I liked the way you referenced Enki and Enlil** in Nationalist as the twins of Arrogance and Chauvinism } These were our parental links?!? No wonder the Kingdom of Man is all screwed up! (**inferred by David Icke as reptiles in The Biggest Secret and therefore criticizes Sitchin for not going far enough.) 😦

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the “Mother” you were linked to is the very insect-like ones alluded to by Karla Turner in Into The Fringenow looking to overcome the Patriarchy of Reptiles?!? Thought for the day…


So I see your poetry as a reflection of Total Reality, reflected beautifully in My Accusers where:
To my right, // Sitchin… godfather, // } Curious imagery.
// my left, // Sagan… laughingstock, // } Nag Hammadi references… Testimony of Truth… 2nd Treatise of Great Seth.
// in front, // a sea of riots // (Note: Sagan = Nagas; another John the Baptist controlling Jordan flow of knowledge.) Your poetry is sending me to other levels, like The Back Left Corner of Heaven — I loved this poem — yet Death brings New Life. 🙂

Lastly, my other favorite — Genetic Legacy — as part of the whole fittingly called INTO THE FRINGE. The // English Ivy // } spreading like the horn of the Heifer of Ephram… the Manifest Destiny of the Kingdom of Man (cr: the Evolution of Israel by deWelden and ‘chit-chat I’ at MUFON).
// the Mantis, // her seeds laid // in lush pastures // } ready to bud the blossom.
// starborne healers // of biological evolution // } Cool… real cool!


My epilogue to Rick;

Your brilliance as an artist/poet may only be outweighed by a remark from Shakespeare [enlightened Freemason, blue-blooded nobleman of suspicious origin]:

“He loved not wisely but too well…”

In short Rick, hopefully, you have been fully christened into new awareness so now the Butterfly of your Essence will fully emerge — I know you will do it!

Love from your good friend
with a Rebel’s Righteousness,
byron lebeau

Review © Brian Levens, researcher and ufologist, November 19, 1999

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David J. Koukol

on Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness

Rating: *****

A scintillating wake-up call for the senses!!!

Like the image on the cover, the text of this remarkable book is both complex and simple, direct and subtle, and always thought-provoking. Forget the would-be pretenders to the crown of truly original poetry…for Smith is the master. The joys and pains that each and every one of us feel are combined with the inquisitive, exhaustive search for the meaning of man’s place in the Cosmos. Dip into this and take away what you choose, but one thing is for certain, you WILL go away enriched by the experience. Scintillating, fun, terrifying, funny, sweet, and heart-touching…it’s all these and more. Rick Smith deserves a much wider audience.

Review © David J. Koukol, May 23, 2000

Dania Kara

on Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness

Rating: *****


Rick Smith explores, confronts and questions the unexplained with pained honesty. As with his artwork as a painter, Rick expresses with his poetry, profound lessons and insights with multidimensional metaphors. His candor shows true courage and imagination. How do you possibly put into perspective “extraterrestrialism” — encounters beyond the realm of earthly expectations, encounters beyond sanity?

Review © Dania Kara, October 11, 2000

Ruth Solomon

on Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness

Rating: *****

What a ride!

Welcome to the world of Rick Smith, Artist, Proclaimed Teacher of the Masses who with this book takes us on a journey through his emotional/spiritual dealings with what is conceived as the raping of humanity. Reading it is like passing through all the heights and depths of a great mountain range at lightspeed. His book rages against the coldness and blindness of the world, the calculating deprivation of truth by “the powers that be” and the terrible sin of apathy the masses evidence. He is a self-proclaimed son of the Matriarchy and battles the Patriarchal Order of society that is leading humanity into a downward spiral. Scattered throughout are tender verses that serve to cushion the madness of the world, expressed as his love of L. La Mermaid and J.M. Starchild.

This is not a book of tame crafted poetry that wafts its meaning through poetic device but hits the reader more like a machine gun blasting bullets of blood and guts observation and relentless social commentary through the writer’s experience. Instead of a book of poetry, it reads more like a diary of powerful personal insights, or a versified new gospel for the 21st century. Touching upon issues such as sexism, separatism, racism, cover-ups, often through the use of esoteric, clandestine and mythological imagery, he is a voice in the wilderness crying for the release of truth, and a prophetic harbinger of belief in higher, deeper purposes.

Review © Ruth Solomon, August 11, 2000

Ruth Solomon also writes under the pen name of R. S. Gold, and Liberty Allure. She was born in Brooklyn, NY, adopted and raised on Long Island. She became popular for her online erotic writing of fanfiction for women, the stories filled with not only deliciously decadent “smut with substance” in the fantasy genre but wonderfully inventive adventure and humor which makes the implausible, plausible. Now she has taken her gift of adult writing and branched out to create her own enjoyable and memorable characters. Laughter, adventure, drama and sometimes even tears accompany her novels. She is the author of “It’s All a Matter of Choice”, written under the pen name of Liberty Allure, and the co-author of a commercial poetry anthology titled “The Language of Souls.”

David Taub

on Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness

Rating: ****

Disturbing, challenging, surrealist, controversial, are but a few words that reel around in my mind when trying to convey something about Rick Smith’s 104-page poetry which makes up Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness. Divided into 6 sections including headings titled Awakenings, The Calling, The Horsemen Cometh and Into The Fringe, this is a story – autobiographical – of a strange world and strange life, involving spiritual and extraterrestrial phenomena. And these aspects of Rick’s life intertwine inseparably with some of his personal relationships.

Already an accomplished New York artist, Rick Smith transposes his surrealist paintings into words, which will shock and stretch the reader’s mind in many directions. In the opening lines of the poem, Communion, the reader sees Rick the painter, The art/not you,/keeps me warm/in solstices,/equinoxes//Pulling/her canvas linens/around my skin. In another piece, the lines Wishing to tell/your beautiful mother,/I have looked into her eyes,/found my soulmate,/the reason to live reveals the intimate and sensitive side of Rick Smith.

But to simply dip into a few lines here and there does not even begin to give a clear picture of the books totality, nor the multi-faceted aspects of Rick’s mind, life and talents. I am not aware of any poetry or poet who I could remotely compare Rick Smith and his work to. But be assured, this is not a light-hearted pick-and-choose collection of poems. Nor are the subjects necessarily ‘comfortable’ for the uninitiated of such controversial topics. But if it’s something mind-stretching and challenging that you are looking for, then Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness achieves that on several levels.

Review © David Taub, September 3, 2000

David Taub is a retired British journalist and, amongst many writing activities, former feature columnist for Poetry Now Magazine UK (Hardcopy), as well as consultant editor, poet, lecturer, and narrator/voice-over talent. Born in England, David lived and wrote in Umatilla, Florida, from 1997 to 2004. He is now currently living in Chesterfield, England. His poetry and various magazine articles have been published in England and North America. He was an editorial board member and overseas columnist for Writers’ Forum Magazine (UK); Consultant Editor to UNKNOWN Magazine (USA); was the overseas feature columnist for Poetry Now Magazine (UK), and also freelanced for many other USA & UK publications – by no means restricted to poetry and literature! His co-authored book, “Language of Souls”, won the Royal Palm Best Book of the Year Award (2002) with the Florida Writers Association, and can still be found on Various works and accreditations can still be found on the internet, and David remains contactable at David is retired, and not active in the “writing world” as such. He no longer maintains a website of his own, nor has any profiles on social media sites, so he can only be contacted by email at