Sheriff confronts NRA spokesperson: “You’re not standing up for them until you say, I want less weapons”

“No guns, no NRA, no violence in the USA!” For those that support the spineless and murderous policies of the Republican Party and terrorist organizations like the NRA-KKK, shame on you. You are NOT a real American. On top of that, you lost your right to have an opinion on the matter when you started attacking the earnest integrity and genuine wherewithal of the students who survived the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, recently. At this point, you have absolutely nothing to say ever again.

You have crossed a line that cannot be forgiven for you have effectively endorsed acts of terrorism and genocide against American school children. What kind of a callous bastard would even think of making mindless self-centered subhuman conspiratorial accusations to justify the death of our American school children, the ones who always end up lying in a pool of their own very real blood in the classrooms of the United States? Of course, it always comes down to Republicans, white supremacist nationalists and the NRA-KKK hiding behind their own petty and shallow mental illness that they lovingly refer to as the Second Amendment, an amendment that has been sorely misinterpreted by these same corporate-funded thugs for the sake of white self-entitlement, white privilege and the insecurity of a very small, tiny and laughable penis.

Unless you endorse this bloodbath and enjoy seeing the classrooms of America turned into a war zone that slaughters our children, you simply have no logical reason for justifying or possessing a semi-automatic weapon outside of your own imbalanced sociopathic mentality. Whether you like it or not, these mindless weapons of war will be outlawed for you have started an unstoppable political and social sea change with a young and vibrant generation of Millennials that started in Columbine, Ohio, and has escalated like a tidal wave into the current unforgivable nightmare of Parkland, Florida.

You have signed your own well-deserved DNR death certificate for this generation is truly pissed off. The Millennials will never back down and will never ever take a cowardly or selfish ‘no’ for an answer. And guess who’s going to be right there assisting them in every way possible with that moral agenda… that’s right, yours truly. This generation represents my nieces. This generation represents my wife’s children and grandchildren. This generation represents your sons and daughters, your students and your future leaders. You know, the ones who are next on the hit list if you sit on your dead lazy asses and do nothing more than create all sorts of spineless nut job excuses.

Bottom line: the NRA-KKK must go. Period. End of discussion. As for the Second Amendment, it must be severely amended or completely repealed altogether. Wake up, people. If you call yourself a real American, you’ll have no choice but to agree with this. This is the 21st Century and un-American terrorist organizations like the NRA-KKK have no place existing in it. For that matter, neither does the Second Amendment in its current outmoded, outdated and highly misinterpreted status. If these extremely un-American white supremacist terrorist organizations are allowed to exist in America, our children will continue to be murdered in cold blood en masse. Their blood will be on your hands as the school classrooms of America begin to look like the very definition of the penal system’s death row for our daughters and sons. Time to wake up, America. Time to get your shit together and stand up for your children and their right to live in a real all-star 21st Century Democratic Republic.

It’s time to reclaim the initiative and change the dialogue completely to protect the safety and well-being of our children at home, in the community and in the classrooms of America. It’s time to get rid of this perverted, selfish and demented nightmare version of America that the NRA-KKK and the Republican Party seems to think is quite alright as our children are laid to rest in the blood-soaked classrooms and graveyard coffins of America.


Source: CNN Florida town hall: Follow live – CNN


New Episode! The John Ford UFO Nightmare on Inception Radio

Mark your calendars…

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Richard Smith and Linda Smith discuss Multigenerational Abductees: Chosen Bloodlines

TONIGHT! 5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

Authors Linda & Richard Smith on Experiencer’s Radio Network

“Multigenerational Abductees: Chosen Bloodlines”


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Update on The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part Two: A Vril Manifesto

Update on The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part Two: A Vril Manifesto
Word count: 59,345 / Goal: 80,000

Excerpt from the manuscript:

“Haven’t you ever noticed that Europe is the only continent on the planet that doesn’t start with the letter A? Asia, Africa, Arabia, Antarctica and America are all part of the Asiatic nations of the original Amexem Empire. Europe is the odd man out that never belonged in the first place. Then again, it never actually tried to make amends or pursue any attempt to get back into the Family of Man. Instead, it was too busy selling out the entire human race to the Orion Empire and the two-party system of Repto-Sirian Fascism. So, when it came time to initiate the European Invasion on behalf of the alien abduction phenomenon, the Willie Lynch Denationalization Plan decided to return the favor in a vindictive manner with the use of a rope, as if to say “We are returning Eu-rope (your rope) back to you. In fact, we are now going to destroy you with it. Eat shit and die.” Unfortunately, the pale-skin has a convenient way of embracing the perpetual stupidity of cognitive dissonance, no thanks to the obtuse cybernetic belligerence of the Greys. As mentioned in Part One, Europe was named after the African Queen Europa, a gesture akin to the Moorish Legacy’s symbol of peace known as the olive branch. Sending a sincere message to the pale-skin, the gesture was one of hope that gave the abomination a path back to the Family of Man. Unfortunately, the pale-skin was never quite capable of comprehending that.”

Copyright 2018 Richard Smith. All Rights Reserved.

Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare, but, Really, White Americans Receive Most Benefits

In fact, whites are the biggest beneficiaries when it comes to government safety-net programs like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, commonly referred to as welfare.

Source: Trump Thinks Only Black People Are on Welfare, but, Really, White Americans Receive Most Benefits

NMUPF | Our Monthly and Annual Events

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Leyton Jay Cougar
Abduction Experiences In My Life

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Jonathan Dover and Stanley Milford Jr.
The Navajo Rangers

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Richard & Linda Smith~01/12/18~Experiencer’s Network~Host Janet Kira Lessin 01/12 by Aquarian Radio | Education Podcasts

Our interview earlier this evening on Experiencers Radio Network.

The Love Bite – is an orchestrated extraterrestrial pairing between two targeted human beings. It is an extraterrestrial instigated ?staged? relationship through manipulation, emotional and sexual bonding often resulting in a dramatic love obsession in one or both partners. Most of the targeted humans have multiple abduction histories. They have had numerous encounters and or ufo sightings. The relationship between the two bonded individuals is such that both are magnetically attracted to one another often in unlikely situations. When they both meet in ?real? life there is an instant sense of recognition and the couple may fall in love often in unlikely situations. Such is the case with Richard and Linda Smith. Both Linda and Richard are multi-generational extraterrestrial experiencers. When they first met the connection was so strong that they both felt as if they were under a love spell. A first meeting of the pre-bonded couple may set off a series of déjà vu memories or flash back memories of abductions or dream related bondings. When they met in ?real? life on December 11, 1995 there was an instant recognition between them both. Richard and Linda have shared many stories with each other over the years of their abduction memories. They realized that they share many similar memories of being with the same person over the years but it was always during one of their ufo abductions experiences. It has been reported that there is such a strong emotional, mental and even psychic connection with the bonded partner – such that it sets up the conditions and desire for them to meet one another. The connection can be so strong that it has been described as a soul immersion with their beloved. More

Source: Richard & Linda Smith~01/12/18~Experiencer’s Network~Host Janet Kira Lessin 01/12 by Aquarian Radio | Education Podcasts

Events | Richard Smith and Linda Smith | Our Upcoming Events

TONIGHT! Authors Linda & Richard Smith on Experiencer’s Radio Network
5:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm Eastern

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Zep Tepi Alchemy | New Earth Central

Zep Tepi is actually in my wife Linda’s new book “The Kings Are Coming”

Watch “How to think, not what to think | Jesse Richardson | TEDxBrisbane” on YouTube