Elon Musk Says SpaceX Is Developing a Complex ‘Bleeding’ Heavy-Metal Rocket Ship

But the most surprising shift, according to aerospace-industry experts, is the way Starship will try to keep itself from burning up in the atmospheres of Mars and Earth.

Instead of relying on of thousands of heavy ceramic tiles to shield Starship from heat, as NASA did with its space shuttle, Musk says the spaceship will “bleed” rocket fuel through tiny pores to cool itself down.

In theory, putting liquid between Starship’s steel skin and the scorching-hot plasma generated while it plows through atmospheric gases would prevent the ship’s destruction.

Read the article here. Source: Elon Musk Says SpaceX Is Developing a Complex ‘Bleeding’ Heavy-Metal Rocket Ship

5 Times People Thought a Science Idea Was Crackpot, And Were Proven Spectacularly Wrong

Science has the power to change the world, but it’s not always an easy path to enlightenment. At many junctures throughout history, proponents of revolutionary ideas have come up against criticism and pushback from the establishment.

Science is all about experimentation, trial, error, and evidence. It may have taken years, but each of the following five ideas, once considered preposterous or silly, has now been accepted as correct…

Source: 5 Times People Thought a Science Idea Was Crackpot, And Were Proven Spectacularly Wrong

These 7 Rules Could Be The Universal Moral Code Shared by Every Culture, Study Finds

All the war, conflict, and misery that has beset civilization for centuries and longer may lead you to think human society is tragically defined by a constant clash of irreconcilable cultures.

Not so, according to a new study, which in fact found startling and optimistic evidence to the contrary: all cultures are actually bound by a common moral code of seven distinct shared rules and behaviors.

Source: These 7 Rules Could Be The Universal Moral Code Shared by Every Culture, Study Finds

The FOIA Files: U.S. Government Sasquatch Report From Department of Interior


“A driver and passenger cruising through Washington’s Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest on State Highway 2 witness a Sasquatch walking on the road in October of 2016. This may not be a hair-raising encounter, but what makes it special is that it was documented by an Endangered Species Biologist. In the below video I discuss the Freedom of Information Act process that led me to an honest to God Bigfoot report documented by an Endangered Species Biologist working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.”

via The FOIA Files: U.S. Government Sasquatch Report From Department of Interior

My newest book has been reviewed by Phenomena Magazine

mma2_3dcover500HEADS UP! My newest book, “The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto”, has been reviewed by Phenomena Magazine. It will be published in the upcoming January 2019 edition of the magazine. Remember, this book series makes a great gift for the holidays.

The editor, Brian Allan, recently sent the full review. Here it is:

“This is a remarkable work. Simultaneously apocalyptic and subversive, it’s a bit like what a space-age Che Guevara on acid might have produced. This author does not take prisoners either and the body count steadily mounts as he gets his revolutionary message across. At some points in the text, it is difficult to decide if this is a work of fiction or not, because it can be taken that way, but it soon becomes clear that it is very much rooted in reality.

The book pretty much takes up where the first one left off, but this time using the concept of ‘Vril’ (the book is subtitled ‘A Vril Manifesto’) to get his point across. This is a bit risky given the unfortunate connection between Nazi occultism and Vril as a near-limitless source of power. In fact, on page 66 the author talks about ‘Repto-Sirian Fascism’ and Vril in the same paragraph, but this a not what the book is about, far from it. What’s more, the book is packed with refreshing broad humour and one example of this crops up on page 65 under, ‘Our FUBAR definition’. Just in case you do not recognize what this military acronym means, it stands for ‘F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition’ and it raised a smile on the face of this reviewer.

As with the first book politics crops up as well, and the House of Trump unsurprisingly does not fair well, but the comparison is fair and used to get an important point across. The author obviously has a wide knowledge of the paranormal and ufology and he uses this to good effect, as he makes his points about Freemasonry, the Moors, crop circles and occultism in general. Overall, this is a refreshing take on a very real enigma and if you have a closed mind then be prepared to have the cobwebs blown away and some light let it. Highly recommended.” – Brian Allan, Editor, Phenomena Magazine, January 2019 Edition, http://phenomenamagazine.co.uk

Remember, this book series makes a great gift for the holidays. Visit http://book.ufoteacher.com today. Use the search phrase “moor mason alien” on Amazon and BN.com.

A special shout out goes to my family, friends and business associates for your time, effort and interest. None of this would be happening without your support and consideration. It is beyond words and much appreciated.

And the adventure continues…


The Camp fire burned homes but left trees standing. The science behind the fire’s path – Los Angeles Times


“Our problem is a society that is unintentionally, but actively, ignoring opportunities because of the cultural perception of wildfire,” said Jack Cohen, who is retired from the U.S. Forest Service where he worked for 40 years as a fire research scientist.

“Uncontrolled extreme wildfires are inevitable,” he said, “but does that mean these disasters are inevitable? No. We have great opportunities as homeowners to prevent our houses from igniting during wildfires.”

One-third of known planets may be enormous ocean worlds | Astronomy.com

Scientists looked at the mass of super-Earths, a kind of planet common across the cosmos but not present in our own solar system. These rocky worlds are several times larger than Earth, but the team’s analysis of known super-Earths reveals something astounding: Many of them may be literal water worlds.


Einstein Reveals The Existence Of Aliens On Earth In This Document Written With Oppenheimer – Alien Star

Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer together wrote a TOP SECRET six page document entitled “Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies”.

Visit http://newsinstact.com/alien/einstein-reveals-the-existence-of-aliens-on-earth-in-this-document-written-with-oppenheimer/ to read the article.

The number of women in Congress hits a record high after 2018 midterm elections. – Vox

Source: The number of women in Congress hits a record high after 2018 midterm elections. – Vox

Women also hit a series of significant milestones. Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids are the first Native American women elected to Congress. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the first Muslim women set to represent their states in the House. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Abby Finkenauer are due to be the youngest women to serve as lawmakers.

Yes, the Vril Power is rising, exactly as I pointed out in “The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto”. This is where the fight begins. This is where the battle lines are being drawn, the Female Principle and the Feminine Goddess Energy versus the Corporate Titans and the Billionaire Boys Club.


Ilias's space


Today the dominant narrative is that of market fundamentalism, widely known in the West as Neocon, neoliberalism.

The fairy-tail THEY claimed is that the market can resolve almost all social, economic and political problems. The less the state regulates and taxes us, the better off we will be. Public services should be privatised, public spending should be cut, and business, meaning the private sector should be freed from social control.

In countries such as the Australia, Canada, the UK and the US, this story has shaped our norms and values for around 35 years: since Thatcher (UK), Hawke (AU) and Reagan (US) came to power. It has been rapidly colonising the rest of the world ever since!

13709769_1788226988062043_2137006152715062146_nBut, the reality is rather different!!!

Even at the beginning of the process, when markets are first deregulated, we do not start with equal opportunities! Some people are a…

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