Study: Fire seasons getting longer, more frequent – Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet

Greta Thunberg Is Leading A Youth Climate Movement Of Teen Girls Online — And They’re Getting Attacked For It

“But the rise of a new climate movement means there’s now a much more visible — and especially vulnerable — target: kids.” I guess no one in White America or White Europe likes having intelligent young women and adolescent girls speak the truth.

A Mind-Blowing Study Just Confirmed Earth Had Living Organisms 3.5 Billion Years Ago

“Understanding where life could have emerged is really important in order to understand our ancestry,” Baumgartner said. “And from there, it could help us understand where else life could have occurred – for example, where it was kick-started on other planets.”

Discussion with Linda Marie Smith and Richard Smith on ETs and Abductions

This weekend. For more information >>

Time To Wake Up America: God

Time To Wake Up America: God

This collection represents the “Time To Wake Up America” ad campaign series.


Elon Musk Wants to Drop Nuclear Bombs on Mars

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, still wants to drop nuclear bombs on Mars to transform it into a livable planet for humans — as evidenced by his latest tweet on Friday morning.

Source: Elon Musk Wants to Drop Nuclear Bombs on Mars

This Superconductor Could Be Key to a Whole Different Type of Quantum Computer

For quantum computing to become fully realised, we’re going to have to make a few huge scientific leaps along the way – including finding a superconductorthat can act in the same way as silicon does in today’s computing. A team of researchers thinks that search might now be over.

Source: This Superconductor Could Be Key to a Whole Different Type of Quantum Computer

Human Origins Conference: In Plain Sight – Truly Alive Magazine

APRIL 2-5 2020

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Source: Human Origins Conference: In Plain Sight – Truly Alive Magazine

John Ford is FREE at Last!

Just spoke with John Ford today. Good news! In exactly two weeks, John Ford, veteran ufologist and LIUFON’s executive director, will finally be released from that shithole he’s been illegally imprisoned in for the last 23 years.

Supergirl Season 4

The recent Season 4 of Supergirl is by far the best to date in the series as it targets the issues of immigration versus white nationalism, as well as the paranoia of privileged racial bigotry and manufactured self-entitled hatred.

Set in a parallel universe from its DC counterparts (ie. Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), Supergirl (aka. the Vril power, the Female Principal) uses the heightened public presence of extraterrestrials as a powerful singular metaphor for so called “illegal aliens” in a nation of self-entitled and bigoted immigrants. In this way, Season 4 is actually following in the footsteps of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and the social commentaries therein.

Unlike Star Trek, Supergirl’s parallel universe is set in present time, which means the science fiction aspect is only about two inches away from our own everyday lives. Mirroring our own political climate and social issues, this powerful “on the nose” sledgehammer approach is much needed and highly appreciated. As such, the tone of Season 4 matches not only the struggles faced by the most power woman from Krypton, but also the scathing anti-human unAmerican segregationist hypocrisy that faces our cultural and gender-based issues today.

That very same hateful and manipulated paranoia is exemplified in the show by Agent Liberty, a misguided and demented megalomaniac following a supremacist agenda (ie. Ancient Vendetta) to purify the human race with all manner of ethnic cleansing tactics used to target the unwanted marginalized types, the extraterrestrials labelled as “illegal aliens”.

And yes, the idiotic redundancy of using a phrase like “illegal alien” to label extraterrestrials is being done intentionally to represent the wholesale stupidity and bigotry that we exhibit as paranoid self-entitled pale-skinned elitists in a nation that was built on the backs of dark-skinned “alienated” natives, sun-kissed “alienated” slaves and swarthy “alienated” immigrants, all of whom were completely marginalized, segregated and unwanted in a members-only nation of empty flag-waving slogans and Constitutional platitudes.

Catch Supergirl Season 4 on Netflix today.