Pedophilia, The New McCarthyism of White America

“The trouble with the world is not that people know too little; it’s that they know so many things that just aren’t so.”

– Mark Twain

What is the fascination with the subject of pedophilia? Seriously, folks, what’s with your obvious addiction to this topic? It seems to be the topic of a rather disgusting obsession that has laced itself like a serpentine labyrinth throughout the entire UFO, alien contact and conspiracy communities. It’s as if someone has intentionally planted a bad seed within the alternative website and broadcast venues, using pedophilia as a dangling carrot to attract hateful rhetoric and extreme Hitleresque propaganda.

Today’s YouTube channels and social media venues would have you think that everyone is a pedophile. It brings into question the overly obsessive infatuation of the irresponsible individuals engaging in such baseless, unfounded and malicious accusations. Why all the venomous hatemongering and highly convenient celebrity bashing, especially when it comes to people like Tom Hanks? The people doing the accusing make me think that Adolf Hitler’s Brown Shirts have come back from the dead and the Jews are being piled back onto the trains. It’s good to know that labelism, paranoia, suspicion and hatred are alive and well. Such glorified ratings-based hype has become the foundational bedrock to justify the use of bizarre and sensational accusations against each other in an abusive and damaging manner.

I guess it is okay to destroy someone’s life on purpose, especially since we seem to be reinventing the Salem witch burnings for verbally slandered women, as well as America’s colonial lynching of anyone who wasn’t white. Instead of celebrating some small-minded petty minutia regarding “oh, wow, I now have 1000+ viewers” on social media, why don’t you take a good long look at what you are actually endorsing with your misguided and insincere actions.


1) the incessant need to declare that those who disagree with you must be given a Label, such as Pedophile, Racist, Sexist, Misogynist, Bigot, etc.

2) attempts to shut down political discourse (or to vilify one’s opponents) by assigning them with disparaging labels.

Of course, there will always be these special test tube all-stars who disagree with me. You know the type. They are the ones that would love to go back to the good old days of referring to their fellow human beings as bitches, whores, sluts, dikes, kikes, spics, niggers, redskins, injuns, spear chuckers, godless heathens, jungle bunnies, spooks, japs, gooks, limeys, faggots, queers, retards, collaborators, traitors, pariahs and devil worshippers. Have I missed anyone? You get the point. The word pedophile has now joined the ranks as the newest form of stigmatizing labelism and social deviant marginalization.


1: to utter slanderous and abusive statements against: DEFAME

2: to lower in estimation or importance

Celebrities are always an easy target for vicious, spiteful, and highly erroneous propaganda, but it says more about the person leveling these off the cuff accusations than it does about the sensationalized icon or vilified celebrity. After all, there are no ramifications for the accuser’s actions, no direct backlash. You, me, and the next-door neighbor will never actually meet the objectified mythological celebrity, and the legal team that represents them has no reason to give a shit about any such inbred putz making these uninformed denunciations.

Okay, so what happens when some misanthropic jackass with a misguided YouTube following decides to bring it home and begin attacking your next-door neighbor, or a close friend, or a family member? What happens when they start attacking your spouse, your parents, or your children, labeling your loved ones as pedophiles? What then? You can see where I am going with this. In any such context, this is known a libel, slander and bullying, something the celebrity witch hunt doesn’t seem to comprehend in its myopic “Red Scare McCarthyism” campaign. Would you betray the people you know and turn on them like a mindless brainwashed lackey, or would you finally stand up for what is right? Would you finally come to terms with the fact that the imbecile you have been blindly following on your pedophilia witch hunt never actually had any facts or knew what they were talking about in the first place?

On top of that, if you are that obsessed and paranoid with labeling everyone and everything around you as a pedophile, then what does that say about your own hidden psychological inclinations towards the children in your own community? Nowadays, it’s become evident that anyone obsessed with such subject matter is, more than likely, telling us something about themselves that they are in serious denial about. Those who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. As such, whoever among you is without sin, I dare you to have the audacity to throw the first stone at your perceived witch or heathen, your manufactured faggot or retard, and your fabricated traitor or pedophile.

I don’t know about you but, as for myself, I have four nieces to think about. My wife has seven grandchildren to think about. I definitely don’t want these hostile addicts and overly obsessed types putting this kind of abysmal piece of shit energy or vibe into our lives. All it does is limit the elevation of your frequency and human potential here on Earth, and throughout the cosmos. I can’t speak for everyone, but my advice is to avoid these people like the plague. All they are meant to do is bring you down to their level of degenerative behavior, addiction and obsession. Like a vampire, they will intentionally drain you of your vitality to fight the good fight and win.

“If the masses started to accept UFOs, it would profoundly affect their attitude towards life, politics, everything. It would threaten the status quo. Whenever people come to realize that there are larger considerations than their own petty lives, they are ripe to make radical changes on a personal level, which would eventually lead to a political revolution in society as a whole.”

– John Lennon

I hope this wakes you up because official first contact is underway, and the non-indigenous Star Nations establishing open contact with humanity really don’t give a flying fuck about your sensational and irrational witch-hunt conspiracies. Remember, the way you react towards celebrities runs parallel to the way you react to each other and, right now, that’s not saying very much for the human race as a whole. No one gives a shit about your fictional self-serving conspiracies, your ridiculous second-hand sources of information, your self-serving docudrama witch hunts, or your pathetic megalomaniacal mythos. Grow up and get a clue otherwise official first contact will open a can of whoop-ass on your narrow, small-minded and vindictive worldview.

Nonlegal Food Labels

“Organic Oreos are not a health food. When Coca-Cola begins selling organic Coke, as it surely will, the company will have struck a blow for the environment perhaps, but not for our health. Most consumers automatically assume that the word “organic” is synomymous with health, but it makes no difference to your insulin metabolism if the high-fructose corn syrup in your soda is organic.”

– Michael Pollan, In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto


RIO RANCHO, NM – As a human origins activist and civil rights advocate, I know that history always repeats itself for those who do not learn from it. As both my mother and grandmother would say, “What you put out there comes back to you ten-fold, what goes around comes around.” So, it pains me to see the intentionally misleading marketing lingo that has been repeating itself over and over in our local grocery stores ever since the hostile corporate takeovers of the Eighties.

The hyped repetition I refer to comes in the form of nonlegal food terms we see gracing the packaging labels on our weekly shopping lists. Such terms include buzzwords and catchphrases like dietary, low fat, organic, sugar free, healthy, enriched, all natural, artificial flavors and natural flavors, to name a few. Did you ever consider whether or not these advertised terms were ever really held accountable to their allegedly implied definitions? Do they actually carry any legal definition or standing in a court of law? What exactly is a natural flavor when we already know that the word flavor is synonymous with the word artificial? On that note, how can you possibly have an artificial flavor when the word flavor is already implying artificiality in the first place? It’s like someone saying King Tut when you already know the Egyptian term Tut means King to begin with. The flaunted redundant idiocy in the phrase artificial flavor is appalling.

Let’s go one step further. What, if any, is the legal definition of that infamous phrase ‘all natural’? You’ll never find one because it doesn’t exist. That which is labeled as ‘all natural’ could easily be characterized as anything from high fructose corn syrup to toxic pesticides, and everything in between. Nowadays, processed foods get away with being marketed as all natural right alongside salt of the earth produce.

You can watch my video, Nonlegal Food Labels (2019), on my YouTube channel, Some White Dude Named Smith.

This article was originally published in the July/August 2019 edition of Truly Alive Magazine.

About Richard Smith: Futurist, author, speaker, human origins advocate and husband. CEO & Co-Founder, The Human Origins Foundation. Executive Committee member, New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum. Latest book: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto. Visit Richard Smith online at Find him @ufoteacher on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as many other social media venues online. This is Richard Smith’s official blog, which you can subscribe to at

Conspiracies vs. The Middle Class

“The final war will not be a race war between blacks and whites. The final war will be an economic war, a war between the haves and the have nots.”

– Malcolm X


RIO RANCHO, NM – When Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. focused all of their efforts and influence on the true root of the issue, the growing inequality gap in the U.S economy, they effectively gave all of us a powerful call to action that we could unify, organize and rally around. Regardless of race, creed, gender or background, Malcolm and Martin had awakened us to our identity, the Middle Class, and the undeniable economic power that comes with this strong and vibrant government policy voting bloc.

With laser precision, we began to realize the myopic and misanthropic stupidity of our careless, irresponsible and paranoid conspiracies, most of which were created for the sole purpose of protecting an elitist and highly selfish ‘members only’ country club mentality of privilege and self-entitlement. We began to wake up to the fact that most conspiracies, if not all, were manufactured and fabricated from the ground up by the corporate-funded agendas of Wall Street, the Good Old Boys Network and the Billionaire Boys Club. We began to realize that government policy, that legitimate voting bloc engine that sets the rules for how a capitalist market runs, should always be favoring a strong and powerful Middle Class first and foremost, above all. We started coming to terms with the fact that this really is an economic class war between the haves (i.e. Wall Street corporatism) and the have-nots like you, me and the next-door neighbor. You know, the ones who live on Main Street.

Because of this wake-up call, both Malcolm and Martin had made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. Murdered in cold blood via public assassination, their deaths sent a clear message to the middle-class communities of America. It’s okay to have the Middle Class disintegrate by fighting with itself over race, creed or gender. It’s okay to have the Middle Class shoot itself in the foot and stab itself in the back by divisively voting against its own interests. But it’s definitely not okay to have the Middle Class see the bigger picture, bypass all the divisive smoke-n-mirrors wag-the-dog idiocy, and focus with perfect clarity on the actual genuine root issue.

“The economy, stupid!”

– James Carville

In recent years, the cause to awaken and unify the Middle Class has been taken up by people like Robert Reich, a lightning rod of education and empowerment on U.S. economics and the horrendous inequality gap that is targeting the very same American worker representing the backbone of the Middle Class. If you want to educate yourself on how to take back the Middle Class, move away from the intentionally disempowering mythos of fabricated conspiracies and create powerful government policy that invests in a strong vibrant Middle Class, then I highly recommend Robert Reich’s groundbreaking definitive documentary.

You can watch the film, Inequality for All (2013), on Netflix, Amazon or YouTube.

I also strongly recommend putting down whatever demented and malignant wackadoo conspiracy garbage you’re reading or listening to right now and focusing on reading all his books, which can be found here on Amazon. As an American worker and a member of the economically embattled and financially strained Middle Class, you owe it to yourself at the least to do this.

Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future by Robert B. Reich, (Inequality for All Movie Tie-in Edition)

Remember, folks, there is absolutely no such thing as a so-called self-proclaiming “job creator” who comes in the form of a venture capitalist, a Wall Street lobbyist, or a wealthy corporate CEO. These people pay themselves. In terms of middle-class entrepreneurial spirit, they do not invest in you, me, or anyone else other than themselves. They do not create jobs for anyone, anywhere, nor have they ever done so at any time in U.S. economic history. So, when you hear these rich self-entitled sadistic sub-human types screaming bloody murder about Middle Class government policies that favor the American worker but infringe upon their alleged “job creator” status in Corporate America, take a few steps back and realize where their shallow and baseless self-serving rhetoric is coming from. These mega-million parasites create nothing, no thanks to a venomous Trickle-Down Theory and the outright destructive agenda to liquidate the American workers’ union solidarity.

Do you want to know who does create jobs? Yup, you hit the nail on the head. It’s the Middle Class, the American worker, the very thing that the inequality gap has been actively raping and molesting since the Seventies, when our wages were intentionally flatlined. Let’s be clear and precise about this. The Middle Class, and the American working class that serves as its backbone, is the only true, genuine, authentic job creator to ever exist throughout the entire scope and girth of U.S. economic history. Without the proper targeted and effective government policies favoring a strong and vibrant Middle Class, you have nada, zippo and zilch in terms of job creation. Remember, government policy, which is meant to favor the Middle Class above all, sets the rules by which the market runs, thrives and succeeds by leaps and bounds. Go against this key foundational relationship, and we effectively slit our own throats today, tomorrow and for future generations.

There is no such thing as this fabricated comic book mythos referred to as the so-called ‘free market’. That is a terrific work of fiction invented by Corporate America’s lobbyists and their Wall Street cronies for the sole purpose of damaging the solidarity of the Middle Class and its powerful voting bloc. In tandem, this means there is no such thing as that other magnificent work of fiction often characterized by these demented corporate-funded conspiracy outlets as ‘government intrusion vs. the free market’. This type of devious rhetoric is orchestrated ultimately to confuse the American worker, divide the Middle Class against itself, and then have all of us vote against our own interests.

Once again, I will repeat it. Government policy, which is meant to favor the Middle Class above all, sets the rules by which the market runs, thrives and succeeds. Go against this key foundational relationship, and we effectively slit our own throats. Capeesh? Comprende? Are we all on the same page now? There is no such thing as some imaginary government intrusion going against some mythical free market when, in fact, it’s your government policy that sets the rules for your Middle Class market in order to function at all, as well as stimulate that healthy job creator spirit of and for the entrepreneurial American worker. Folks, it doesn’t work any other way. End of story.

As for the corporate-funded fabricated serpentine ooga-booga conspiracies we’ve been sucker punched with and bowled over by, it’s time to take them out to pasture and put them down for good. They have no rightful or legitimate place in an educated and empowered Middle Class, nor have they ever. The purpose of the hateful and fearmongering paranoid rhetoric that always aligns itself with such conspiracies exists for one reason only, to disempower, to divide, and to conquer, the result of which is quite apparent in the way you are reacting to this article. From there, it’s a manipulating and calculated slippery slope that easily segues into the manufactured self-deluded excuses for such things as misanthropy, irresponsibility, lack of involvement, depression, anxiety, drug addition, alcoholism, domestic violence, child abuse and criminal behavior, to name a few. Bottom line: The manufactured conspiracy becomes the excuse to sit on your ass and do nothing for yourself, your American community and your middle-class society. At that point, your excuses further perpetuate the mythos of the corporate-funded conspiracy, making you both pimp and prostitute for Wall Street’s harem of propaganda. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this defines you as part of the problem, not the solution as outlined by Robert Reich.

I can only hope that this article, and it recommendations, has sobered us up on how and why conspiracies were ever invented in the first place, a custom made freakshow specifically designed to kneecap the Middle Class from the inside out in favor of Corporatism and a severely protracted ever widening inequality gap. In final, I will leave you with these pearls of wisdom:

Lindsey Brigman: [relaying what Bud types] Have some new friends down here. Guess they’ve been here awhile. They’ve left us alone, but it bothers them to see us hurting each other. Getting out of hand. They sent a message. Hope you got it.

Catfish De Vries: I’d say that’s a big ten-four, Jack.

Lindsey Brigman: They want us to grow up a bit, and put away childish things. Of course, it’s just a suggestion.

The Abyss (1989)

About Richard Smith: Futurist, author, speaker, human origins advocate and husband. CEO & Co-Founder, The Human Origins Foundation. Executive Committee member, New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum. Latest book: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto.

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Supergirl Season 4

The recent Season 4 of Supergirl is by far the best to date in the series as it targets the issues of immigration versus white nationalism, as well as the paranoia of privileged racial bigotry and manufactured self-entitled hatred.

Set in a parallel universe from its DC counterparts (ie. Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow), Supergirl (aka. the Vril power, the Female Principal) uses the heightened public presence of extraterrestrials as a powerful singular metaphor for so called “illegal aliens” in a nation of self-entitled and bigoted immigrants. In this way, Season 4 is actually following in the footsteps of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek and the social commentaries therein.

Unlike Star Trek, Supergirl’s parallel universe is set in present time, which means the science fiction aspect is only about two inches away from our own everyday lives. Mirroring our own political climate and social issues, this powerful “on the nose” sledgehammer approach is much needed and highly appreciated. As such, the tone of Season 4 matches not only the struggles faced by the most power woman from Krypton, but also the scathing anti-human unAmerican segregationist hypocrisy that faces our cultural and gender-based issues today.

That very same hateful and manipulated paranoia is exemplified in the show by Agent Liberty, a misguided and demented megalomaniac following a supremacist agenda (ie. Ancient Vendetta) to purify the human race with all manner of ethnic cleansing tactics used to target the unwanted marginalized types, the extraterrestrials labelled as “illegal aliens”.

And yes, the idiotic redundancy of using a phrase like “illegal alien” to label extraterrestrials is being done intentionally to represent the wholesale stupidity and bigotry that we exhibit as paranoid self-entitled pale-skinned elitists in a nation that was built on the backs of dark-skinned “alienated” natives, sun-kissed “alienated” slaves and swarthy “alienated” immigrants, all of whom were completely marginalized, segregated and unwanted in a members-only nation of empty flag-waving slogans and Constitutional platitudes.

Catch Supergirl Season 4 on Netflix today.

About Richard Smith: Futurist, author, speaker, human origins advocate and husband. CEO & Co-Founder, The Human Origins Foundation. Executive Committee member, New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum. Latest book: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto. Visit Richard Smith online at Find him @ufoteacher on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as many other social media venues online. This is Richard Smith’s official blog, which you can subscribe to at