Author’s Excerpt: Dec 3, 2019

UPDATE: The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part III: Rise of the Invisible College
Word count: 15,250 / Target: 100,000

Excerpt from the manuscript:

“These touchstones we encounter on our path, no matter how big or small they may be, should always be recognized and acknowledged for they stand at the precipice of the world we live in, a guidepost at the proverbial fork in the road. In doing so, you become the living incarnation of synchronicity, the language of life itself, and serendipity, the benchmark of inspiration. No, I am not sugarcoating the scenario being described here. In truth, as the phrase goes, life is a bitch and then you die. The path you follow, loaded to the hilt as it is with dramas, disasters and dumbasses galore, will never be an easy one to travel. Yes, you definitely become awakened to this amazing shitshow known as the matrix, including why you exist in the first place, why you are here at all, and why you even bothered coming back for another round of happy horseshit in the daily geopolitical and socioeconomic grind known as the rat race. However, putting all of that aside, one thing cannot be ignored. Ultimately, by jumping into the abyss, you transform yourself into who you were always meant to be and, more importantly, who you always had been all along. ”

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Source: 2018 Human Origins Conference: A Consciousness Expanding Event! – Truly Alive Magazine


Help Me, Obi-Wan! New Hologram Technology Mimics ‘Star Wars’

Note: Sadiki Bakari, a proven futurist, an empowerment specialist, master trainer and one of the preeminent visual lecturers of his generation, had already been talking about this as real technology about 4 to 5 years ago on “The Richard Smith Show”.

At the time, he had pointed out that they were already testing its pragmatic and academic applications in the classroom within certain school environments. The teacher or instructor was a hologram that the children could interact with. Sadiki Bakari is – and always has been – right on target!

Princess Leia’s holographic plea in the classic film “Star Wars” inspired researchers to work toward a device that could project real-life sci-fi holograms. Now, the futuristic 3D imaging may be one step closer to reality.

Source: Help Me, Obi-Wan! New Hologram Technology Mimics ‘Star Wars’

Gourdjus Rattles by Marianne Macres

Gourdjus Rattles by Marianne Macres
Handcrafted gourd rattles

Earthy tones with blues and greens, hand carved handles and intricately burned in designs adorn each of the gourd rattles crafted by artist Marianne Macres. After picking up a couple and giving them a shake, becomes instantly clear that each one is completely unique in more than just design.  Adorned with images of animals, people, designs, flowers, and much more, each of Macres’ works is carefully hand-created.  She calls her art “Gourdjus Rattles” and she’s been making them since 1995.  Continue reading

LibraryThing: State of the Thing

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Artist, writer, speaker and media host, Smith is a paranormal experiencer with twenty years of experience in the paranormal, metaphysical and cosmological arenas, communicating with a large and diverse range of people while delivering powerful, insightful and highly educational lectures on the human condition and its relationship to extraterrestrial intervention, the Moorish legacy, the history of Freemasons, the Kemetian mysteries of Egypt, alien contact, linguistics, etymology, the Temple of Solomon and much more.

It’s the 46th Anniversary for Star Trek

star trek: the original series – Google Search.

It’s the 46th Anniversary for Star Trek

Gustav Klimt Google Doodle celebrates artist’s 150th birthday | World | News | National Post

Gustav Klimt Google Doodle celebrates artist's 150th birthday | World | News | National Post.