About this blog

When it comes to the subject matter and content of his blog, Richard Smith enjoys covering a lot of territory including history, health, wealth, politics, economics, ancient aliens, human origins, lost civilizations, the arts, culture, our global society, the galactic community and, most importantly, the lynch pin of all these topics, the human condition.

A published author of the groundbreaking book series, The Vaulted Journals of UFOteacher, Richard Smith is committed to raising conscious awareness in our health and well-being as caretakers of the planet, as well as creating a better understanding of our place in the cosmos, both physically and spiritually. He believes that we must focus on the lost knowledge of where we come from before we can truly understand the ancient wisdom of where we are going on the path of our everyday lives.

This is his official blog, which you can subscribe to at ufoteacher.wordpress.com.

About Richard Smith: Futurist, author, speaker, human origins advocate and husband. CEO & Co-Founder, The Human Origins Foundation. Executive Committee member, New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum. Latest book: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto. Visit Richard Smith online at ufoteacher.com. Find him @ufoteacher on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as many other social media venues online. This is Richard Smith’s official blog, which you can subscribe to at ufoteacher.wordpress.com.

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