Columbus Day, a Celebration of Genocide

Since posting the #BillMaher #NeildeGrasseTyson ad, I’ve noticed the only people trying to defend #ChristopherColumbus are these pale-skinned, self-entitled, privileged types who look just like me. I guess white people have a lot to lose by admitting to the fact that #ColumbusDay represents the celebration of a Eurocentric homicidal piece of shit who should have been gutted like a pig ready for the slaughter. Yes, that malevolent slaughter, the one that nearly brought the Arawak Caribbean (Taino) people to extinction.

Stop referring to Columbus Day as the celebration of a great explorer. That is a horrendous manufactured #European lie based in #WhiteSupremacy, #WhiteFragility, and the #AncientVendetta against all people of color and hue. Like #Thanksgiving, that pathetic pale-skinned holiday represents the 500-year #racist, #sexist, and #xenophobic #genocide of all #NativeAmerica and, by extension, the #MoorishLegacy.

On top of that, Columbus was never a great explorer. His #transatlantic #colonization agenda included: getting lost in the first place, using faulty math, never making it to his intended destination, losing three ships during his voyages, labeling a completely different global demographic as ‘Indian’ (what a flaming schmuck), slaughtering, maiming and murdering any indigenous people that didn’t meet his mandates for pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, and spices, categorizing them as nothing more than good slaves, practicing a policy of mismanagement and brutality while forcing the natives to search for gold and to work on plantations. And the list of charges goes on.

The native Arawak (Taino) population was decimated within 60 years after Columbus landed; only a few hundred of what may have been 250,000 Taino were left on their island. Christopher Columbus was arrested and returned to Spain in chains, stripped of his noble titles because of his crimes against humanity. This is the European pale-skinned shithead that #WhiteAmerica wants to make excuses for and celebrate. I guess that explains why we worship an engrained #WhiteJesus, the #KKK, the #NRA, the #AltRight, and #WhiteNationalism in our stunted religion and brainwashed politics. Stop being white. Get your facts right. #StopBeingWhite #WakeUpAmerica