Update on Today’s Experience


Update: These are photos taken today relating to the early morning experience I posted earlier.

Many thanks to Gloria Hawker. We had used her blue light from Budd Hopkins to scan over my right arm, shoulder and neck. Sure enough, there were several key shapes and lines found. We marked them with an erasable washable marker under the blue light so we could get a better understanding of any possible pattern they may be taking on in regular daylight.

I am sharing them here as a follow up to this morning’s episode. Linda says it looks like a message of some sort, although I have no real idea what it could be saying.

My Experience: Oct 20, 2019

Setting: Rio Rancho, NM – In front of my house during the early morning hours prior to the rays of the sun breaking over the Sandias. There was what seemed to be the usual diffused morning light, but no direct sunlight just yet. There was also a darker circular “cloud” casting an abnormal shadow over the house.

Experience: I was standing in the foyer inside my home at the front door. Looking up over the front door, I caught a glimpse through the arched window of what looked like some strange technological device. It had just started coming into full view as it slowly descended downward in front of the small roofing extension overhanging the front patio area, right at the front door.

Thinking it was one of those exotic alien weather vane devices that were witnessed everywhere a decade ago, I had to open the door and see it for myself. Sure enough, BAM! There it was waiting for me, and it wasn’t what I was expecting to see at all. While it remained fresh in my mind, the attached image you see here is my sketched depiction of what I actually witnessed when I opened the front door.

This “hovercraft” gave me the sense that it possessed some sort of intelligence and was fully cognitive of its environment. It also seemed to be quite aware as to who I was, as if it was waiting for me to leave the house. Fascinated by it’s advanced non-terrestrial design, appearance and hovering capabilities, I walked out the front door onto the patio to get a closer look. This is when I noticed more clearly that the huge circular shadow in the sky was a large alien craft over the house, just hovering there in the early morning light.

That’s when the hovercraft came directly at me. It approached quickly with two of its red-tipped appendages extended towards me. Reacting to what was happening, I grabbed each of the appendages with my bare hands and began to struggle with it head on. Mind you, we’re talking about something that is at least three feet wide, tip to tip, and approximately two feet high. Here I am wrestling with it. The experience of grabbing it was a bizarre one as it seemed like I was gripping some type of slippery custom fit shield or force field enveloping each individual appendage.

A searing high pitched screech pierced the morning air as I dragged it down to the ground, pinning it upside down against the cement walkway. I suddenly felt what seemed to be an electrical shock travelling up my right arm to my shoulder. At that point, it felt as if something zapped me in the back of my head from above and that was the end of it.

Due to overpowering the smaller hovercraft, I believe it may have been the large dark disk-shaped object in the sky that hit me from behind. BAM! Knocked out and done.

Aftermath: I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning feeling like my right arm was missing. It took me about 20 minutes to convince myself that my arm was still very much present and attached to my body. In that 20 minute timeframe, it was as if I had a phantom limb for a right arm, or that it wasn’t fully present in the same dimension as the rest of my body.