Why is This Relevant Today? – With Video of Post at the End

“I have recently come to realize that the suppressed story of the civilization of the Moors/Muurs/Hebrew Israelites is a template for the globalist elite for their plans to control Humanity and destroy western civilization in the present day. I am also going to say that while unfortunately the globalists are far along in the implementation of their plans because they have been working at it for a very long time, I believe that conditions are in place for a new positive timeline for humanity. The globalist plans have been interrupted.” – Michelle B. Gibson

Revealing What Has Been Hidden in Front of Our Eyes

This post is dedicated to providing answers as to who is responsible for what happened to the advanced Ancient Civilization, what happened directly as a result of the destruction of this civilization, and why this information is very relevant in the present time.

Ever since I came into awareness of this information, I have felt an urgency to get this information back into the collective awareness.

When I first uncovered the physical lay-out of the planetary (and consciousness) grid, my first reaction was concern about what would happen if the dark forces ever got a-hold of this information.  Then I realized the dark forces already had the information, and have been negatively manipulating the grid, and thereby our consciousness, by inflicting maximum pain and suffering at locations on the grid.   I saw where modern history reads like a book on the planetary grid, and that not only did the grid…

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