Update on The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part Two: A Vril Manifesto

Update on The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part Two: A Vril Manifesto
Word count: 59,345 / Goal: 80,000

Excerpt from the manuscript:

“Haven’t you ever noticed that Europe is the only continent on the planet that doesn’t start with the letter A? Asia, Africa, Arabia, Antarctica and America are all part of the Asiatic nations of the original Amexem Empire. Europe is the odd man out that never belonged in the first place. Then again, it never actually tried to make amends or pursue any attempt to get back into the Family of Man. Instead, it was too busy selling out the entire human race to the Orion Empire and the two-party system of Repto-Sirian Fascism. So, when it came time to initiate the European Invasion on behalf of the alien abduction phenomenon, the Willie Lynch Denationalization Plan decided to return the favor in a vindictive manner with the use of a rope, as if to say “We are returning Eu-rope (your rope) back to you. In fact, we are now going to destroy you with it. Eat shit and die.” Unfortunately, the pale-skin has a convenient way of embracing the perpetual stupidity of cognitive dissonance, no thanks to the obtuse cybernetic belligerence of the Greys. As mentioned in Part One, Europe was named after the African Queen Europa, a gesture akin to the Moorish Legacy’s symbol of peace known as the olive branch. Sending a sincere message to the pale-skin, the gesture was one of hope that gave the abomination a path back to the Family of Man. Unfortunately, the pale-skin was never quite capable of comprehending that.”

Copyright 2018 Richard Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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