Fundraiser for the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum

Source: Fundraiser by Richard Smith : New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum

The sky is the limit (or maybe not). As New Mexico’s premier paranormal, extraterrestrial and UFO forum, we believe it is essential and of great importance to keep our local and regional community (yes, this means you) informed, educated and aware of what is really going on in this wondrous, awe-inspiring and mysterious world we live in.

Discussing everything from lost knowledge and ancient wisdom to global events and current affairs, we present a wide range of pivotal topics and information to the community in the areas of extraterrestrial contact, cosmology, cryptozoology, metaphysics, occult sciences, paranormal occurrences, supernatural events, ufology and much more.

To this end, we are fortunate enough to host free monthly community seminars and meetings with some of the most amazing and highly educational researchers, experiencers and authors in the southwestern area of the United States. In order to keep this central non-profit public forum thriving as a strong community staple, it is crucial to support the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum with your crowdfunding donation.

Show your support and interest in the Land of Enchantment and all of its fascinating mysteries. Keep the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum alive and strong in your community. Make a donation today!

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