Update: Excerpt From the Manuscript

UPDATE: The Moor, The Mason And The Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto

Word count: 45,582 / Target: 80,000
Excerpt from the manuscript: 

“For women, it’s a constant reminder that they’ve been blindly and belligerently betrayed by the father that raised them, the brother they grew up with, the husband they married and the son they are raising today. As such, the racial and cellular memory of women has always been locked in quiet desperation under a severe state of distrust and resentment with the realization that both they and their powerful Vril legacy were intentionally sold out and fucked over by a global culture of rape in a system of human trafficking, empty promises, glass ceilings and unequal pay that sees women in particular as an ultimate threat to be annihilated. It is that same quiet desperation that has now reached critical mass and is ready to erupt worldwide in a justifiably violent and long overdue fury like the explosive pyroclastic flows of Mount Vesuvius across every level of our Capitalist slave economy from the sweat shop immigrant to the socialite debutante. This is the rising Phoenix of the mind’s eye, a blazing Pharaonic gateway to the fiery pyres of the psychic menses. As the towering inferno of the Female Principle, it becomes the raging menstrual soul of the Human Origins Revolution, the very core of the Krist energy, the Moorish Legacy and the spiritual insurrection. This is the vengeance of a scorned woman known as Mother Earth. This is the Vril Manifesto.”

Copyright 2017 Richard Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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