Hey peeps,
I’ve been out of commission for a while since last month. I’ve been dealing with some sort of extreme fatigue that’s been dragging me down. That and a fluctuating fever has basically knocked the hell out of any motivation, interest or ambition to do anything at all – and I do mean anything. I haven’t even had any appetite to eat. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up as to why I’ve been out of touch with everyone.
With the way I’ve been feeling, I am barely able to manifest enough gumption to keep writing the new book, go see the doctor or get my ass back to work at a day job that I’ve basically lost all interest in as well. And with the crazy hours they want me to work, I’m basically done with the whole mindless monotony of the day job routine as I can barely keep up with that.
My apologies to the John Ford group. With what I’ve been experiencing, I completely forgot about the IRN show this past weekend. I hope it went well.
All that aside, I’ve been working my way through this and I seem to be getting better. I’ll get my mojo back one of these days soon. I hope you are all doing well.

3 thoughts on “Update

  1. A lot of people have been experiencing those kinds of symptoms, myself included.. It could be the heavy metals that chemtrails are spraying out. Look into Ken Rohla, he is a brilliant researcher on health, and how to detox. Freshandalive.com and freshandaliveblog.com
    I hope this helps, and that you get back to feeling like your wonderful self again!


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