Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences

The coincidences between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations are not really so amazing.

As to the above the statement, is it my imagination or has Snopes gone out of its way to take the most amazing aspects of reincarnation and turn it into some academic boring lame ass shit heap of petty misguided viewpoints? Seriously, Snopes. You guys really need to get laid, look at the stars and realign yourself with occult mysticism. And while you’re at it, remember to pull that stick out of your collective asses, too. You’re starting to sound like you’ve gone to bed with the NASA-SETI-JPL-MUFON corporate propaganda machine.

In terms of the human saga and the spiritual insurrection of the Moorish Legacy on this planet, the coincidences between the life and death of President Abraham Lincoln and President John Kennedy are truly amazing. Unfortunately, due to the horse-blinder frequency they operate on, the pale-skinned academics over at Snopes will never be able to comprehend why.

Source: Lincoln and Kennedy Coincidences


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