The Official John Ford Initiative, Free John Ford Now

UPDATE ON JOHN FORD! I just got off the phone with John Ford today. He is in good spirits and shared some great news with me. He spoke with John Marafino recently and they have made contact with Martin Tankleff, the man wrongfully imprisoned at the age of 17 for a crime he never committed. After 17 years in prison, Marty’s conviction was vacated by the New York State Appellate Division, Second Department, in December of 2007. On July 22, 2008, a judge signed off on a motion by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to dismiss all charges against Marty. This is the only other Long Island, NY, case to come so close as to nearly run parallel to John Ford’s illegal, illegitimate and wrongful imprisonment of 20 years.
Now, Marty Tankleff has become a champion of these type of scenarios by getting his own license to practice law in NY and defending such people like himself who have been wrongfully accused of a crime they never committed. John Ford told me today that they are having Marty Tankleff get in direct contact with his current defense attorney, Robert Reno. This is exciting news for all involved, especially John Ford himself. A special thank you goes out to Janet Russell from the John Ford Initiative as she was the very first person to bring up the idea of getting in touch with Marty Tankleff. It’s good to know that things are coming full circle now.
And it can’t come too soon. In the more immediate sense, John Ford is being mistreated via the disgusting and highly unprofessional medical malpractices of the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in New Hampton, NY. As a result of their all too common medical malpractice, John’s health and well being is taking a tragic turn as his back pain and spinal column are getting worse.
Please remember to keep the donations coming in for John Ford’s legal defense by spreading the PayPal link everywhere and with everyone. 
Stay tuned for further updates.
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The John Ford Initiative has the prime directive of freeing John Ford while promoting public awareness on his illegal imprisonment and violation of his human rights.

Source: The Official John Ford Initiative, Free John Ford Now

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