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The Moor, The Mason And The Alien

Albuquerque, NM – Richard Smith Design recently teamed up with CreateSpace to publish The Moor, The Mason And The Alien: A Call To Action, a brand new compelling and innovative book by author and international speaker Richard Smith.

A visionary synthesis of alien contact, the Moorish Legacy, reincarnation and human origins, The Moor, The Mason And The Alien engages the reader with a radically ambitious scope of knowledge and wisdom, putting us on track with a magnificent interstellar experience through the paranormal and extraterrestrial terrains of ancient history, psychology, economics and current affairs. Ranging from the author’s personal odyssey to the global issues we all face, Richard Smith serves up ‘a spiritual insurrection’, an epic saga like no other. Representing the foundation of a new and riveting human adventure, Smith takes the reader on an historical account of a global rebellion beginning with the mysterious Sasquatch going head to head with the alien Greys and transforming into the ancient Moorish Legacy of the Egyptian University System.

Rooted in the extraterrestrial, paranormal and metaphysical experiences of the author himself, his path of awakening brings him face to face with an entity known as the Crone, a primordial relic of a much older galactic community. Representing an interstellar collective known as the Sisterhood, the Crone intentionally takes the author on an odyssey of self-exploration into the human condition, forcing him to confront the reality of the Ancient Vendetta against humanity. Evolving into the ‘Son of the Mother’, his journey causes him to become the one person who realizes how to put it together. As the fate of Mother Earth hangs in the balance, the adventure escalates into a battle of wits pitting the Temple of Solomon and the Gene for Passion against the Corporate Titans of Orion in a global movement known as The Human Origins Revolution.

The result of twenty years of paranormal experience, psychological analysis and metaphysical study of Earth’s solar system and cosmology, The Moor, The Mason And The Alien provides a unique, unvarnished and revolutionary perspective on humanity’s origins that is introspective, ethereal, apocalyptic and otherworldly all at once.

Richard Smith’s The Moor, The Mason And The Alien: A Call To Action is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Black and Nobel, Kindle, Nook and many other independent and local booksellers. For more information, please visit us online at today.

Richard Smith is an experiencer, author, international speaker and radio host on the topic of alien contact, the Moorish Legacy, human origins and related matters. Smith received high honors at New York State University for his dedicated work with Extraterrestrial Intervention and Alien Abduction Phenomena. Globally recognized for spearheading the Human Origins Revolution, he currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, working on his third book and is available worldwide for author events, interviews, lectures and conferences. Contact him today for a book signing or speaking engagement. For more information, please visit today.


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