Open Call for Audio Book Voice Auditions with 50-50 Royalty Share Program

I am creating an audiobook on for The Moor, The Mason And The Alien for distribution on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. I am opting in to the 50-50 Royalty Share program with ACX. This means you, the Narrator (Producer), will get half of all my royalties earned from the audio edition of my book via Audible, Amazon and iTunes sales. It’s easy money. Get your buns over there now, sign up and audition today! Visit

I am initially thinking it might be good to go with both a male and a female voice. For the male voice, it should be someone that has the attitude of Ving Rhames from Pulp Fiction, the character of Morgan Freeman from the Dark Knight Trilogy and the wisdom of Sir Alec Guiness from Star Wars. For the female voice, it should be someone that has the style of Angela Bassett from Strange Days, the determination of Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction and the stalwart wisdom of Diana Rigg from Game of Thrones. None of that is etched in stone and I am open to all possibilities but it will give you a good idea of what direction to go in. The subject matter of the book is quite engaging and extremely controversial so be prepared. This is a global revolution you are participating in. Your voice will become the book’s identity.

In case you’re wondering about the actual financial return on this, here are some of my social media stats: 7,000+ followers and fans on Facebook. 3,033 followers on WordPress. 544 followers on Twitter. 333 followers and 263,000 views on Google+. 35 followers on Tumblr. 190 followers and 30,934 plays on Spreaker Web Radio. 229 followers on Instagram. 178 followers on Pinterest. Sign up and audition today! Visit

Here is an excerpt to practice and audition with from The Moor, The Mason And The Alien — Chapter Twelve, The Reckoning: Lifting The Veil, Page 91


The gale force of the wind had picked up again, slashing at my window with an intimidating raw sensual power. “Yes, Mother… I hear you.” I slowly closed the book with my hands now resting on the front cover, never once losing eye contact with the Crone. Her rainbow obsidian orbs were burning through me in a manner I had not sensed before. It was almost comical to see an ancient being such as her exhibiting the human traits of someone waiting in baited breath with a level of anticipation that thickened the air.

“There are old memories coming to the surface once again,” I said, breaking the long silence, “memories that I’m realizing have always existed. Somehow I know I have been waiting a very long time to come back and finish what was started ages ago.” She observed a smile coming onto my face, ever so slight as it was. A plan was beginning to form at the forefront of my mind. It centered itself around the history, health and wealth of the human condition, the holy trinity of knowledge and wisdom. It would be a brand new hard hitting global strategy, down to earth and quite real with no apologies. Something people could sink their teeth into and get down to brass tacks. The Seven Summits erupted as the howling roar of the Sasquatch and the Yeti resonated with an inexorable vengeance from the rooftops of the world. Their long lost hierogrammat was rising from the dead, freed at last from a muted watery grave of Kanus dogma and Ari-an propaganda. The words rolled out of my mouth in sheer defiance of both the empire and the matrix as the Crone began to glow.

“Yes, I’m in… to the end. Let’s do this!” A brand new cluster bomb of information began to download. The puzzle’s missing piece had been found.


Sign up and audition today! Visit

In the meantime, please stay tuned for key updates on Richard Smith’s author events, book signings, global tours, seminars and events at Remember, the spiritual insurrection is at hand. Join the Global Revolution!

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Richard Smith’s new book “The Moor, The Mason And The Alien” is now available at  “The Moor, The Mason And The Alien” can also be ordered in ebook format on Kindle as of September 20.



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