Gourdjus Rattles by Marianne Macres

Gourdjus Rattles by Marianne Macres
Handcrafted gourd rattles

Earthy tones with blues and greens, hand carved handles and intricately burned in designs adorn each of the gourd rattles crafted by artist Marianne Macres. After picking up a couple and giving them a shake, becomes instantly clear that each one is completely unique in more than just design.  Adorned with images of animals, people, designs, flowers, and much more, each of Macres’ works is carefully hand-created.  She calls her art “Gourdjus Rattles” and she’s been making them since 1995. 

“I majored in Art at Chico State, then went to Maui to discover myself and started doing scrimshaw for 16 yrs. In 1995, I discovered gourds and began making things using them as a medium for artwork. Now, I only make rattles and have a unique line I call, GOURDJUS RATTLES.

Some look like vibrant flowers, or have erotic female figures and flowers, some have animal totems, symbols and designs wood burned and painted with acrylics. I also have erotic rock formation photography that I’m printing into greeting cards. It’s suggestive in content and is called “The Sexual Nature Series”. I live in the Santa Fe, N.M. area, and am looking for new ways to sell my unconventional style of artwork.” – Marianne E. Macres, Artist and Artisan Crafts Professional

Marianne E. Macres contact info:
Call: 928-240-0695
Email: gourdjusrattles@gmail.com

Catch her on the Web:

Horse Tail Trails


Deviant Art

Facebook Page

Facebook Photo Album



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