UPCOMING: Episode 30 – Phillip ‘Prof. Phil’ Gillon on The Richard Smith Show – radio.ufoteacher.com

Episode 30 – Phillip ‘Prof. Phil’ Gillon on The Richard Smith Show – radio.ufoteacher.com

The Unknown Truth of our Laws – The Professor Speaks!

The Richard Smith Show

“As the principal of Politics & Money Inc., I am registered in New York and do business throughout the United States, where our agency employs education, submits forms of government entitlements (with or without the ‘permission’ of big government!), creates credit where it is “due” and manifests compliance where compromise is most undesirable!

With a quick substance check of myself: I was married with children that weren’t my own, divorced, then ended up in a court fighting over child support. The courts did not have jurisdiction so they played a ‘foul move’ with the grandfathered Common Law Marriage which, in the State of Illioins, was used last in 1959 by Mary and Teddy Johnson. I acted fast and went on to use the bond of then (and up until now) Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Courts for Cook County. Long story short, the ILCS (Illinois Complied Statutes) was where the bond was located (705 ILCS 105/4) and the State, as such, has been paying out a portion of the $5,000,000.00 statutorily bond policy and, to this day, as much as $2,600.00 has been paid!

Short and sweet, right? Well, the gist of this is you have to become educated about the what can and can not used, in the interest of the law, the principal of agreeing parties and collections of data providing a means of comfort in a uncomfortable dynamic world we live in!” – Prof. Phillip Gillon

Email: politicsandmoneyinc@gmail.com

Site: http://www.politicsandmoneyinc.com

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