Human Origins Seminar: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien – A Revolutionary Perspective on Humanity

Human Origins Seminar: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien – A Revolutionary Perspective on Humanity The webinar that everyone has been waiting for!
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Instructor: Richard William Smith
Date and Time: JUNE 17, 2014 at 7PM EST Eastern Time
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Want to understand your true potential as a human being? Why are you even here in the first place? How about your place in the cosmos, your legacy among the stars? On June 17, discover the destiny of the human race with Richard Smith in a new groundbreaking webinar series that will challenge your views on everything from the wisdom of the ancients and lost knowledge to alien contact and otherworldly beings.

Sign up today for the “Human Origins Seminar: The Moor, the Mason and the Alien – A Revolutionary Perspective on Humanity.”

This presentation will take the audience on an educational and riveting journey through our evolving global society, the ever-vigilant galactic community and the family of man, exploring all things extraterrestrial and discussing the metaphoric, sociological and historical symbolisms therein and how they relate to the human condition. It will explore the principal and central influences originating from ancient and modern history that have brought the human race to its present sociological state of critical mass. Using the cosmology of our solar system as a platform, subject matter relating to linguistics, economics, history, health and wealth will be discussed. Topics will include extraterrestrial intervention, alien contact, the Moorish legacy, the Masonic agenda, the Temple of Solomon, the gene for passion and the human (hue-man) being’s place in the scheme of things.

Presented by Richard Smith.
Hosted by WREN Webinars.
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