TONIGHT: Richard Smith on KTKK AM630 – The Fringe Radio Show

TONIGHT: Richard Smith on KTKK AM630 – The Fringe Radio Show Time: 2 AM Eastern — 1 AM Central — 12 AM Mountain — 11 PM Pacific

Hosts: Pat and Carol Daniels
Guest call in number: 801-254-5855
Streaming live:

KTKK AM630 is the third oldest talk radio station in the country. They have a listening audience of 20K +

The trend of the show leans towards Fringe Topics such as Ufology, Cryptozoology, and Paranormal Research. It also focuses on Fringe Events such as Historical Events and Conspiracies as well as Fringe Science such as Astronomy, Current Science and so much more.

Talking Points / Topics to be discussed

A. Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness
1. Book One

B. Repto-Sirian Fascism vs. the genetic passion of the Krist

C. The Moorish Legacy (sun-kissed) vs. the Masonic Agenda (pale-skinned) 1. Why there is no such thing as a pale-skinned prophet

D. The Principles of Flesh and Bone vs. Wood and Stone
1. Robber barons, carpetbaggers and the Principles of Real Estate Investing 2. How it relates to extraterrestrial intervention and economic slavery

E. Mother Earth’s relationship with Abortion and Reincarnation

F. How to beat the Cancer Industry at its own game
1. The FDA and Pharmaceutical Industry’s agenda
2. The Fast Food/Junk Food Industry’s motto

G. Being a Master Investor vs. a Slave Consumer
1. Understanding the Principles and Philosophies of Wealth
2. Defending your Civil Rights at the State Government level

H. Understanding the Invisible College and its symbolism
1. The Moorish Legacy and the Masonic Agenda

I. New Projects and Initiatives
1. The Moor, The Mason And The Alien
a. Book Two – new book forthcoming
2. Human Origins Conference 2014
a. Site
3. Free Your Mind Conference 2015
a. Site


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