Mars Codex | Face on Mars | Zecharia Sitchin | Cydonia | Mars Geoglyph

Mars Codex | Face on Mars | Zecharia Sitchin | Cydonia | Mars Geoglyph.

This is a brand new documentary from my friend George J. Haas and fellow co-author William R. Saunders. I want you all to show your support and get on board with this documentary. You can actually get your own DVD at the main site:

In case you are wondering, I met George Haas at the Earth Mysteries conference in New Egypt, New Jersey, in 2005. We were both presenting our lectures at the conference and realized how much symmetry there is between his Martian Codex-Meso American connection and my Alien Contact-Moorish Legacy connection. This led to opening up a very cool dialogue and I have always admired George and William’s work in this arena of cosmology. If you are ever fortunate enough to meet George, you will find that he has a great sense of humor and also enjoys being an artist.

As far as the research goes, these are the authors who turned the entire scientific, historical and cosmological communities upside down with their groundbreaking research. They have already published two books: The Cydonia Codex and The Martian Codex.

Lastly, if you want to truly understand the hidden extraterrestrial legacy of the Moors and their Masonic counterparts with regard to what I talk about, you will need to read their Martian Codex books and watch this DVD documentary ASAP!

Then you will have the proper foundation and context for how we got to where we are today.


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