Episode 26 – Sadiki Bakari on The Richard Smith Show – radio.ufoteacher.com

Episode 26 – Sadiki Bakari on The Richard Smith Show –
Spreaker: http://xrl.us/sadikibakari
Site: http://radio.ufoteacher.com
Events: http://ufoteacher.com/events

Nanotech Transhumanism – The Singularity Is Upon Us!

One of the Preeminent Visual Lecturers of His Generation…
“Sadiki Bakari is ahead of his time.”

Sadiki Bakari is one of the preeminent visual lecturers of his generation and has created a three dimensional (literary, visual and audio) blueprint for our progeny. Armed with the ancestor’s primordial intelligence, he is able to invoke the genome of one’s DNA. His visual presentations bring forth a renewal of the spirit and cleansing of the soul. Bakari is also a fearless visionary, published author, columnist, people’s advocate and explosive spoken word artisan. His creativity and unique style of interfacing with the spirit and meta-information gives Sadiki the rare ability of seizing the moment and expanding the spiritual awareness of his audiences.

Bakari has authored 9 books, including his latest titles, “The Magnum Opus on Sacred Spiritual Technology, Akashic Interface and the Singularity” (2013), “Wormholes, Cybernauts and Holographic Gods” (2012) and “Is Computer Software the New God: Cyber Consciousness and Cybernetics in the Epoch of Spiritual Transmigration Interface” (2011). This advanced data is a library for our progeny that highlights the portal of expansion, spiritual technology, artificial intelligence and how to design and be architects of the future. Bakari’s works are considered groundbreaking, transformative and the avant-garde of akashic interface. His works are also exalted by some of the greatest minds on the planet.

Google search: sadiki bakari
YouTube search: sadiki bakari


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