LL Dowsers Mount Shasta Project – Early Discount Ending

Dear Dowsers, Light Workers & Friends –
I am thrilled to announce a unique opportunity to participate in the ascension process of earth and ourselves called the Mount Shasta Project. This consists of three days (plus two travel days) of experiential teachings, attunement and visits to sacred sites. Mt. Shasta is a magical place of Lemurian illumination, ancient records and home of many ascended masters. Do join us in this mystical adventure. Space is limited.

Gary 😀

A Mission From The Heart
Mount Shasta Project
Help For The Planet – Calling Those Who Are Called
Mt. Shasta, CA September 18th – 22nd
Welcome to the Mt. Shasta Project
Althea Gray

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The Lore of Mt. Shasta

Mount Shasta is an imposing 14, 179 ft. Volcano in northern California. It has been the sacred home for many Native American tribes for thousands of years. It is one of the 7 sacred mountains in the world.

The legend of the mountain includes stories of angels, spirit guides, UFO’s, Inter- terrestrials, and Ascended Masters. Lemurians live in an inter-dimensional city Telos (also called the Crystal City of Light of the Seven Rays).

It is believed that the people of Telos are descendents of ancient Lemurians who lived 4,500,000 BC to 12,000 BC. They were an advance race who came from other glalaxies such as Sirius and Alpha Centauri. Telos is an Argathan network of 100 cites. Shamballa is the seat of Government.

Adamos is the Ascended Master and High Priest of Telos.

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” Nicolas Tesla
Work beyond the Mayan Calendar

The world has changed, in case you did not notice. We will not go back to where we were.
“Change cannot happen by looking through the same old lenses.” We are witnessing the greatest transition in the history of human kind. We are birthing a new life and a new world. We are responsible both collectively and individually for how we want our world to be. What and how “we vibe” together will make the critical difference.
Some of you were called long ago to be Sacred Space Keepers on earth. Your presence alone increases the frequencies on this planet. You facilitate change where ever you go. As you change, others change around you. You know who you are.
The Shasta Project

This Project calls those who:

• Know that they are here to be of service at this time.
• Need Help in calibrating yourself to the new Earth
The Mount Shasta Project Involves:
Connection to and Channeling Higher Masters in Mount Shasta and beyond for transmission of critical information that will help the world. This information will be published as a booklet and be part of an ongoing Blog. The group will be the Author. Cooperation and Group empowerment will emphasized. This information will be published around the world. You will be taught how to channel and how to dowse for ley lines, portals, dimensions which will help you connect.

Amping Up Your Own Frequencies so that you are better transmitters of Higher frequencies. You will experience an Ascension Ceremony using the Ascension Chair. This ceremony was created by Aurelia Louise Jones at the behest of the Ascended Masters. The ceremony is an a chemical process which deepens your Ascension Process, aligns you with the I AM presence, aligns you with the Planetary Hierarchy. The Ascension Chair is a Atomic Accelerator which will increase your frequency to a pure white flame. A Fifth Dimensional Elixir of Gold is served afterwards. St. Germain, Serabis Bay, Adama (high priest of Telos) will oversea the ceremony.
You will experience other dimensions using the Trinity Table.
Create An Earth Stabilizer. Placement will be dowsed a correctly placed in Mt. Shasta.

Carefully Chosen To Assist You In Your Process

Detailed Bio In Registration Packet

Paxton Robey
Key Note Speaker at the 2013 American Society of Dowsers.
View Paxton’s Website http://www.notimeforkarma.com

Althea Gray
International Healer, Teacher, Public Speaker, founder of Professional Healers & Professional Clearers
Visit Althea’s Website http://www.peachbudda.com

Gary Plapp
Former Aerospace Research Engineer, Nasa-Ames Research Center – 40 years Dowser Creator of the Scalar Photon Ring

Visit Gary’s Website http://www.loslunasdowsers.org

Michael Barnett
Medium, founder of The Blue Turtle Academy for Creative & Spiritual Development: Empowering Women, Liberating Men, and Encouraging Children to develop their spiritual gifts.
Google: BlueTurtleMichaelBarnett

Victoria Lee
Ambassador to Mt. Shasta and the City of Telos (Lemuria). Founder of Mt. Shasta Light Publishing & Telos Ascension Facilitator

17 Year Spiritual Practice, Trained Kundalini Yoga & Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner


Mount Shasta Program September 18 – 22

Wednesday September 18th
Travel Day /getting everyone to Mount Shasta Resort
Air Port shuttle / Mt Shasta Shuttle Co.

Thursday September 19
Morning Meditation
Introduction to the Shasta Project
Talk by Facilitators
Learn how to Channel and Listen Within

Learn to Dowse /use maps/ L rods/ wands/ pendulums
Learn how to find Portals, Ley Lines, Vortices
All participants will receive their own dowsing rods and pendulums. How to Use the Scalar/Photon Ring (these will be available for order) Dinner
Meeting at Victoria’s Home
Ascension Chair/Ascension Ceremony

Friday September 20
Morning Meditation
10 AM/ Full Day Trip to Sacred Sites
Placement of Earth Stabilizer
Packaged Lunch out on the field.

Free Evening

Saturday September 21
Morning Meditation
Sharing of Messages
Integration Sessions
Trinity Table Sessions
Free Time
Evening Costume Party
Come as your favorite High Frequency Being/ ET’s ,Unicorns and Faerie’s are Welcome Or, come as yourself.

Sunday/ Departure September 22


Mount Shasta Resort

Make Your Reservations Now Ask for Mount Shasta Project
Mount Shasta Resort
Phone: 530-926-3030
Web site: http://www.mountshastaresort.com
View the web site. Decide on your accommodations. Discounts can be found on other sites.
If you wish to share your room, contact Althea. Some suites accommodate 5 to 6 people.
Make your reservations as soon as you register for the event to assure your room.

Airport & Shuttle

Medford Airport from the north 1 1/2 hrs on Interstate 5 to Mt. Shasta
Airport Shuttle

Shasta Shuttle 530.859.3266 http://www.shastashuttle.com
Let me know your flights in advance so that we can enjoy group rates.
Depending on your flights and the number of participants, I will organize 2 or 3 shuttles in one day. Those arriving after 6 p.m.will have to find their own transportation.
If there are more than one of you arriving after, 6 p.m. you can organize a car pool or work directly with Shasta Shuttle. If you are arriving after 6 p.m., there is NO shuttle. Contact Joa at joa@shastashuttle.com. He may be able to organize a car pool for you.

Medford Airport to Mt. Shasta Resort


one way



taxi price

round trip





Day Advance Resv

one way




round trip






one way

$171+$20 = $191/2=





one way

$171+$40 = $211/3 =





one way

$171+$60 = $231/4 =




or more Passengers

one way

$171+$80 = $251/5 =

Register Now

Thank you !

Contact Althea Gray, 505 983 9582 Email: peachbuddanotes@aol.com
Visa, Master Card, Checks, Pay Pal accepted.

A detailed program packet will follow your registration.

Space is limited. Register Early

Cost: $875

Those who pay in full by August 5 pay $850.00

Payment Plan: Deposit $400 July 22, Balance Due $475 August 22
Payment Plan : July 22 $300, August 12 $200, August 28 $200, Balance due September 9 $225 Those who use this payment plan pay $925 instead of $875

Refund Policy: Full Refunds before August 18
No refunds after that date

Thank you for Being a Part of this important Project ~ Althea
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