Opps: TV show filming paranormal activity in NM – May 21-22, 2013

> From: anika murray
> Date: May 20, 2013 5:36:41 PM MDT
> To: rsmithufo@gmail.com
> Subject: Message via your Google Profile: TV show/Paranormal activity > in NM >
> I represent a travel TV show that is filming in NM this week. We are > interested in locating someone on a local level that is dedicated and > knowledgeable of Paranormal history and its relationship with New > Mexico. Specifically, we are curious if it is possible to set up a > nighttime summoning with a group of contactees. Would you happen to > know anyone in this state that would be interested in talking to us or > organizing such a trip? We are in the Albuquerque area from May > 21-22nd (and are aiming for the evening of the 22nd). The show is > devoted to depicting an honest and often unknown part of a culture, > and it might be an excellent opportunity for people affiliated with > this topic to reach out to a broader audience. I look forward to > hearing from you, thanks so much. Anika Murray 510-295-3199


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