NM UFO and Paranormal Forum Meeting for May

Back by popular demand — Leyton Jay Cougar — to continue his story ,,,

Sat. May.. 18th — Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center — Room 5 501 Elizabeth ( just east of Eubank and Southern) 1:15 to 3:00pm with Applebees afterwards.

Our Speaker

Leyton Jay Cougar will speak on a variety of interesting things– Leyton Cougar’s BIO as follows:

Currently: Executive Director of Wild Spirit Wolf sanctuary– Ramah NM.

Born in So. Ca. 1961

Moved to the Pacific NW. in 1972

I grew up basically a farm boy, with an intense love for nature and animals.
I left High School with a career in furniture making. Remained self employed most of my life.
I spent the majority of the 1980’s on a spiritual journey with 5 Native American Medicine Men. Learning about and exploring the nature of spirit and the spirit of nature and much more.
I have been an abductee victim since around 4 years old and have had possibly hundreds of experiences with extraterrestrials most of which was very uncomfortable experiences to say the least.
Today I rescue captive bred wolves and wolf dog mixes from people that try to make them pets. Our Sanctuary houses 63 wolves 5 of the rarest dogs in the world, the New Guinea Singing dog and one little Red Fox.
I have a gift of canine communication and have a pack of 9 dogs that I work with to help other dogs find mental, social, and physical rehabilitation.
I also assist people with spiritual issues and am often a guest for many spiritual retreats and seminars.

See you all there — Mike

Thanks Mike
Please visit our websites- truthseekerforum.com and nmupf.blogspot.com/ “For reality is not what it seems”.


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