LL Dowsers May 26th Photon Energy Workshop in Santa Fe

Northern New Mexico • Santa Fe • Kokopelli Dowsers Talk & Class

Sunday • May 26, 2013 • 1:30 to 4:30

Center for Spiritual Living • 505 Camino de los Marquez • Santa Fe, NM 87505

Photon Energy & The Transformational Influences of 2013
Gary Plapp offers an experiential workshop to inspire and empower you. The focus is on using photon as a practical tool for transforming and neutralizing man-made-pollution of all kinds in our environments; including chem trails, toxic substances, and electromagnetics. This is an introduction to using photon energy skills for creating an abundant future by exploring holographic sacred geometry, distance healing and communication,”point & shoot” intention technique, facilitate healing and changing negative events and patterns of the past.

Gary will demonstrate various techniques in exploring our personal involvement with change through dowsing and expanded awareness. Higher consciousness and dowsing are key in realizing our dreams. This will be a fun and interactive class and talk that could change your world.
Enhancing Spiritual Growth and Higher Awareness and Providing a Path Beyond 2013 and Ascension Activation

In the new paradigm we have an opportunity to embrace a new way of being. These aspects include solar eclipses, crop circles, ET influences, Earth – Photon energies, galactic alignment and time itself.

Bring your dowsing tools, pendulums, water and an open mind. Materials supplied. http://www.kokopellidowsers.com

Please RSVP: 505-982-8549 or info@kokopellidowsers.com

$ 15.00 in advance and $20 at the door
Advance tickets can be purchased at
Mail checks made out to:
GAPS, 369 Montezuma Ave. #247, Santa Fe, NM 87501

• Transforming Noxious and Detrimental Earth Energies using Scalar Rods

• Removing and Neutralizing Detrimental Energies in the Auric Field

• Deactivating Physical Implants and Remote Clearing

• Application and use of Photon Scalar Rings in Healing and Transformation

• Enhancement of Plant Growth and Food and Water Quality

• Cell Rejuvenation, Structured Water and Life Extension

• Transforming Chem Trails, Toxic Substances and Pollution

• Transforming Microwave, Power Line and Cell Tower Electromagnetic RadiationYour text caption goes here

• Photon “Wanding” Techniques for Health and Well Being

• Advanced Photon Devices for Transforming Home and Office Environments

• Removing Blocks, Boosting Chi Life Force and Distance Healing

• Resolving Childhood and Past Life Trauma and Injuries.
Gary Plapp: An aerospace-research electrical engineer for over 40 years, most recently at NASA – Ames Research Center. He was the past president of the San José Dowsing Chapter, CA and is the founder, past president of the Los Lunas Dowsing Chapter, The Harmonious Earth “Willow Benders”.
Gary Plapp is a master dowser, a dowsing instructor, speaker, writer, inventor, workshop leader, tour guide and earth energy researcher. Gary is an intuitive channel and clairvoyant reader of 25 years.Gary conducts water & mineral dowsing, earth energy and environmental corrections for homes and businesses. He does archaeological dowsing at sacred sites around the world including Africa, Europe, Latin America & US. Copyright © 2013 Kokopelli Dowsers, Santa Fe, NM, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you are on our mailing list.

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Santa fe, NM 87501

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