LL Dowsers Los Lunas Dowsers Meeting – May 11, 2013

We cordially invite you to the May 11 meeting of the American Society of Dowsers Los Lunas Chapter – The Harmonious Earth “Willow Benders”.

This month we are excited to welcome dowser Jeanne Gehringer. WHEN: Saturday May 11, 2013
WHERE: To Be Determined
TIME: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (All volunteers please arrive at 12:30 PM to assist with meeting setup – Thanks!) 😀 DONATION: $5.00 ASD Members and Non-ASD Members, First Timers and Children Free!
BRING: Healthful Snacks to share and/or $, Water, Dowsing Tools (If you have them – some will be available), Great Expectations, (No animals, please) Participating Children are welcome.
WHAT’S HAPPENING: 1:00 PM: Welcome, Announcements, News, Introductions and Sharing 2:00 PM: Presentation:
4:00 PM: Workshop: Basic Dowsing School and Exercises – Gary Plapp 5:30 PM: Speaker Dinner: Local Restaurant

About Jeanne
Jeanne Gehringer, of the American Society of Dowsers, is Tony Gehringer’s daughter.
She teaches how to use dowsing in the personal health arena and her skills tend to lean more toward the metaphysical uses of dowsing, such as clearing noxious energies from one’s home.
“Anytime you have an undiagnosed illness, there is something that is upsetting your normal energies,” she says. “I once had a woman call about a sick child. The child’s bedroom was right behind the television, and it was the cathode ray tube that was causing the child’s illness.”After a dowsing session, the family moved the deleterious energy area away from the bedroom wall, which helped the child get better, she says.
Jeanne Gehringer also finds that her dowsing work helps with such things as fine-tuning a person’s need for a certain dietary supplement, such as vitamin C. She suggests, as an example, that anyone could take a pendulum and dowse a certain brand or potency of the supplement, and adjust their needs accordingly. “You just need to ask the right question.”
But again, she cautions, always ask permission.
Please visit our chapter web site, LOS LUNAS DOWSERS , for more information on all presentations and events.


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