Feedback from Kool


> From: Kooleo
> Date: April 20, 2013 11:43:50 AM MDT
> To: “”
> Subject: About A Continuation to the Dissertation from Know The Ledge > Program >
> Peace Mr. Smith, Hope all is well. BROVO!! “with clapping” I can’t > stop myself from rewinding your dissertation about the creation. It is > amazing on how you painted that so vividly, I wanted it to go on!! but > you had stop right at the part where Adam is Bigfoot. I know time was > limited. I learned so much that night & never heard it like that. How > could I get the rest of the audio dissertation, perhaps the Beginning > & Ending of it, I say audio because I need to here it from you!! I > need everybody to see what really went on. I search for the TRUTH > high & low. Wow!! you made the audio bomb go off on Know The Ledge!! > Mr. Smith I give thanks for your time on so many levels. Peace, Love & > Light. ~Kool >
> Sent from the koolest I touch in the universe!!!


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