The Paranoid Desperation of the Suffolk D.A.

Well guess what? I just found out that these second-rate mongoloid half-wits in the Suffolk Long Island D.A.’s office are now downloading information from my site to see if there is anything they can use against John Ford to avoid his imminent release this year.

Hmmmm… talk about being desperate! They are actually terrified of the social media arsenal that UFOTEACHER represents. Well, all I can say is have at it and good riddance to the genetically inbred abomination that so represents Suffolk County politics as well as that poster child for keeping abortion legal – the District Attorney’s office.

Yeah. You should pay attention to me you low-class, no talent putz. I represent your worst nightmare. Have a nice day!


One thought on “The Paranoid Desperation of the Suffolk D.A.

  1. …that information can be challenge under the rules of evidence as heresay. In the interest of fair and impartial judgment, information from a non-interested third party website would raise eyebrows as to its creditability and relevance to the case. Just my thoughts…


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