IN RESPONSE TO: An Amazing Journey In Search Of The Blue Skull

Dear Amazing Radio Show Hosts,

Earlier this week our friend and publisher of our new book, Tim Beckleysent to you an announcement about the book we have jointly releaseddealing with our search for what we call “The Blue Crystal Skull” andour three journeys into Peru between 1997-2002.

It appears from the names of your show that most of you cover UFOs andthe Paranormal and you may never before heard of the Crystal Skulls. Ihave personally been involved in researching the crystal skulls now for30 years and I can tell you the following in no uncertain terms

a) they are directly or indirectly linked with ETs and the originalones which came to our world mostly likely were gifts from the Gods

b) they have only been resurfacing within the past 150 years but tomany of the indigenous cultures that exist on our world, they areconsidered sacred tools

c) within the past ten years, thousands of people for some strangereason (not strange to us) have had an urge to have their own personalcrystal skulls of which modern carvers are
now making as a tool for spiritual growth and upliftment

d) some of the crystal skulls appearing are apports, once a new skullis activated it begins communicates with its guardian like a person andthere are ones like the “Blue Skull” which exist in another dimension

We believe our new book about my search for the “Blue Crystal Skull”lead by inner guidance and visions to go to the northern part of Peruis one of the most important books I have ever written – I don’t knowif any of you are feeling this or not but in this year 2013, it feelslike very important information is about to be revealed and this “BlueSkull” is somehow connected with the evolution of humanity, a skullthat has existed at least as far back as the time of Lemuria!!

I have appeared on hundreds of radios (once Coast to Coast) plus wehave done our own shows – we can easily fill up the time on yourprogram if you wish to explore the Crystal Skulls (with the “BlueSkull”), the paranormal, UFOs, the Hollow Earth, Atlantis and Lemuriaand other world mysteries.

We salute each of you for the great job you are doing to educate thepublic and present the most important information for our times.

If you have any questions or wish to book an appearance in the nearfuture, I am at your disposal.

in peace and light always

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer

At 11:16 PM 3/18/2013, tim beckley wrote:
> The journeys of the crystal skull explorers Joshua Shapiro and Katrina> Head make for a fascinating adventure not heralded since the days of> George Hunt Williamson (ie Brother Philip).
> Their travels throughout Peru in search of the Blue Skull will> fascinate your listeners and provoke a positive reaction.
> Please read the attach information and than contact Joshua directly.
> Thank you
> Tim Beckley, Publisher


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