This Week: Paul Selig Channels/ Damanhur Alliance with Trees/ Community Healing /Tricia McCannon/ Namaste talks + Abdy / Braco

Some cool events taking place in the NYC area.

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> From: Alan Steinfeld
> Date: November 5, 2012 9:12:19 AM MST
> To: Alan Steinfeld
> Subject: This Week: Paul Selig Channels/ Damanhur Alliance with Trees/ > Community Healing /Tricia McCannon/ Namaste talks + Abdy / Braco >
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> That was a week that was… It seems that storms and sunshine are all > part of our evolution.
> So to continue with the sunshine are the events happening this week > and beyond in New York City. >
> From Alan Steinfeld &
> Top picks of Upcoming Events: (see details below listings)
> Monday, Nov. 5th – 12:30pm – 4pm, FREE Healing and Community > Gathering @Meta Center NY, 214 W. 29th st., NYC.
> Monday, Nov. 5th – Global Tree Network & “Music of the Plants” with > Damanhur emissary Esperide, FREE
> Tues, Nov. 6th – “Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience: Luis > Minero, @Namaste, 2 W.14 street, NYC. FREE
> Tues, Nov. 6th – Alan Steinfeld interviews Teri Degler on The Divine > Feminine Fire: Creativity and Your Yearning to Express > on station 2 at 10pm EST.
> Wed., Nov. 7th – “Aliens, Ayahuasca & The Ancient Mysteries” ~ > “Electric Jesus” with Jonathan Talat Phillips, > Namaste Books, 2 West 14th street, NYC. FREE
> Fri., Nov. 9th – Paul Selig Channels the Ascension Energies of the > Word @Meta Center NY, 7pm-9pm, 214 W. 29th, NYC
> Fri., Nov. 9th – Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience: Luis Minero > 6:30-8:30pm Show Biz Café – 19 W. 21st St, NYC
> Sun. Nov. 11th – “Buddha Standard Time” by Lama Surya Das, Namaste > Books, 2 W. 14 street, NYC – FREE >
> Fri. Nov. 16th, ASP Networking – Dr. Jeffrey Rubin meditation & > psychotherapeutic. 520 8th Avenue, 16th fl. 7Pm – 9:30pm No Fee ASP > Members / Non-Members: $15 – Register at: 609-662-4911
> Sat. – Sun. Nov. 17th -18th – Braco Gazes: New Yorker Hotel, 481 8th > ave. NYC -$8 a session. > Thurs. Nov. 22nd – Thanks-giving with friends and family…. >
> Wed. Nov. 28th, Abdy: Awaken your Kundalini, 2 sessions 6pm & 8pm > @Meta Center, Cost $50 each session. RSVP: – – “an > amazing experience.”
> Thur. Nov. 29th – Panel on God, Science and the Evolution of > Consciousness hosted by Alan Steinfeld > with Howard Bloom, Kurt Johnson and Richard Grossinger, @Meta Center NY
> Fri., Nov. 30th – Tricia McCannon in New York – Galactic Alignment > 2012 @Meta Center NY
> Sat. Dec. 2nd – Tricia McCannon – all day workshop 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM > @Meta Center NY > To RSVP for the Tricia McCannon events call: (212)-222-5432.
> Dec. 7th – 9th – Philip K. Dick Film Festival Williamsburgh, Brooklyn > >
> And to the South:
> Dec. 12th: 12:12:12 Crystal Skulls at the Miami Circle. Grandmother > Flordemayo leads ceremony. Alan Steinfeld mcing the speakers during > the day. > Dec.13th -17th -The Atlantis Cruise.
> Dec. 18th -23rd – Journey to the Yucatan- The return of Quetzalcoatl. >
> Dec. 22nd -23rd – Beyond 2012: Cancun Mexico: Alan Steinfeld > lecturing with Drs. JJ and Desirea Hurtak, Jaimi Maussan. Check out: > >
> Monday, November 5th – 12:30pm – 4pm, Free Healing and Community > Gathering at the Meta Center, 214 West 29th street, 16th fl. NYC As > many have been traumatized by hurricane Sandy or are just feeling out > of sorts, we each seek the comfort from others, a place to feel safe, > warm, and have support. We invite you to come by on Monday afternoon > and feel the calm of being in a sacred space again. >
> Friday, November 9th -7:00pm – 9:00pm Paul Selig Channels the > Energies of the Word — $30
> presented by Alan Steinfeld and New Realities: This evening Paul will > bring through and attune people to the frequency of the Word, which is > the elevated Christed energies now coming to the Earth, that have not > been available to us before. “You are the first in a generation of > conscious beings coming into form and you will make it possible for > those that follow to exist more easily in the higher frequencies that > are now available. This is a gift, but this is a massive change. It’s > a tidal wave of light ascending into you as you ascend into it.” – > from I Am the Word, a Channeled Text, by Paul Selig.
> Monday, November 5th — Susan Numeroff, Maxi Cohen, CoSM, Reality > Sandwich / Evolver,
> Alan Steinfeld and Dorian and Jeffrey Bergen invite you to an > Damanhur and the “Alliance with Trees”* and the “Music of the Plants” > with Esperide Ananas, visiting Damanhur emissary. Experience of the > Global Tree Network and the “Music of the Plants” > 7:00pm -8:30pm at The Olivia 315 West 33rd Street, 7th Floor Studio
> Free for the evening. However, a $25 donation to our presenter will > be truly appreciated. >
> Esperide will introduce Damanhur this extraordinary interactive > project with trees that arose out of their extensive work with nature. > At the core of this initiative is a specific technique devised in > Damanhur that helps re-establish a connection between trees and their > original matrix that was intact before most of the old trees of our > planet were cut . People from all over the world are participating in > this work, adding their unique artistic, cultural and spiritual > approaches. This work with trees helps us access wisdom and ancient > memories. It awakens our relationship to the trees which, through > this evening we come to understand is essential to our survival on the > planet. RSVP: Maxi Cohen
> Why Trees Matter – New York Times Article. > >
> Also check out Alan Steinfeld interview with Ram Dass: American Sage > – from a few years back. > He opens up to a depth and honesty not heard before:
>> 1481-alan-steinfeld-interview-with-ram-dass-part-1 or at: > >
> Also coming up:
> Book Signing and talks from Namaste Books, 2 West 14th street, NYC
> Tuesday, November 6th – Booksigning & Talk – “Demystifying the > Out-of-Body Experience: A Practical Manual for Exploration and > Personal Evolution” Luis Minero. Namaste Healing Center (11th Floor) > 7:00pm – 9:00pm Free
> Wednesday, November 7th – Talk & Chakra Activation, “Aliens, > Ayahuasca, & The Ancient Mysteries” ~ “Electric Jesus” with Evolver > Co-Founder, Jonathan Talat Phillips In the Namaste Healing Center > (11th Floor) 7:00pm – 9:00pm Free >
> Sunday, November 11th -Book Signing and Talk: Buddha Standard Time” > by Lama Surya Das > In the Namaste Healing Center (11th Floor) 12:00 noon – 2:00pm > Free >
> NewRealities also presents Tricia McCannon & the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT > 2012 > Friday November 30th – 7:00 to 10:00 PM
> Sunday Workshop- December 2nd – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
> at the META CENTER, 214 West 29th Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY > 10001
> For more info call: Andrew Kaen at 212-222-5432 or Tricia McCannon at > 404-355-2211 in Atlanta
> These series of lectures by Tricia will Encompass the disciplines of > astronomy, UFO’s, polar shifts, solar storms, astrophysics, the > Anunnaki gods, the hidden history of mankind, lost Atlantis, and even > the esoteric study of and electromagnetic fields. Yet the underlying > agent of transformation behind this global event is the Sun, the local > distribution center for Light that bathes our entire planet. Our Sun, > which encompasses some 99% of the mass in our entire solar system, > periodically becomes downloaded with information originating from the > center of our galaxy, much as a mainframe computer might periodically > relay signals to an orbiting space station. These new celestial codes > then wash over our planet, literally altering the blueprint of all > organic life. Old species die, new species are born, and the > mechanisms of evolution move forward. >
> As the window of 2012 AND BEYOND approaches, our Sun realigns with > the center of our Galaxy. During this exciting 25 year window: Our Sun > and planet will get to experience the cosmic Marriage between the male > and female energies. The Sun and the black hole, the womb, at center > of our Galaxy engage in an intercourse of energetic exchanges. This > alchemical process effects every facet of our being, from the > completion of karma, the return of Soul Mates, the reversal of the > planetary poles, and the cleansing of the old.>


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