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Episodes 13, 14 and 15

Our most recent episode:

Episode 15 – Our sixth SIMULCAST LIVE! on, Spreaker Web Radio, TuneIn Radio and Roku at the same time. Topics discussed: THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE PSA — SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER — Get six months of FREE advertising on UFOTEACHER.COM — Show Stats — New Followers — PSYCHOFACTZ — Mama Dona Henes, Urban Shaman —
Inspiration for Personal & Planetary Transformation — Can We Breathe Now? — The Extinction Protocol 2012 and beyond — Operation Pillar of Defense: Israel launches major air strikes on Gaza, killing military chief for Hamas — 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes the coast of Chile — Filer’s Files with George A. Filer — Xian, China the Emperor’s Tomb — Silk: An Extraterrestrial Import? — Mars Newton Crater — Global Warming — Fox UFO News Reports — NASA Wants to Send Astronauts beyond the Moon Exclusive — UFO Connect App for Your IPhone — Diane’s Video Picks Playlist — The Rats Are Leaving The Ship — Comments and Feedback — Special Announcements

Host: Richard Smith
Video Lecture:

Catch the The Richard Smith Show – Simulcast LIVE! and on Podcast for free at:

GUESS WHAT?!? We’ve partnered with several high-profile media outlets such as Supernatural Radio Network, Spreaker Web Radio, TuneIn Radio, Roku, ZenoRadio and iTunes to bring you The Richard Smith Show 24/7/365. Now you can listen to our show anytime, anywhere, 7 days a week. Now you have NO excuse for missing the show.

Catch The Richard Smith Show LIVE! On Thursday nights, 9PM EST/7PM MST with:

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Supernatural Radio Network at SRNLIVE.COM

On the go? Stuck in rush-hour traffic? No problem. You can catch us LIVE! on your Smartphone with your TuneIn Radio Mobile App. Download it for free and “TuneIn” LIVE! to Supernatural Radio Network on your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry

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Now you can listen to The Richard Smith Show LIVE! on any cell phone by calling our new dedicated phone line at (979) 282-4077

Do you listen on Spreaker Web Radio? Awesome! We Simulcast LIVE! Thursday nights on both Supernatural Radio Network and Spreaker Web Radio. Catch us LIVE! on Spreaker Web Radio at and on the Spreaker Web Radio Mobile App on your Android, iPhone or BlackBerry

Missed the LIVE broadcast? Don’t worry. Visit UFOTEACHER.COM/RADIO and catch the show on the rebound with your choice of several free podcasts including iTunes, Soundcloud and Podcast Pup. Subscribe to it on any podcast player and stay up to date with my latest down to earth, merciless, no bullshit assault on the status quo.

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