The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a steaming pile of perverted interests

I happened to come across this steaming pile of bantha fodder today -right here on Facebook. It’s these assholes who call themselves theU.S. Chamber of Commerce and – no surprise – they have a Facebook page.And the usual ass-wind propaganda machine is going like hotcakes ontheir timeline entries. Well, I think its time to set the recordstraight about this bullshit organization…

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is a disgusting and heinous organizationthat represents only the selfish, deranged and perverted interests ofthe corporate-funded wrecking ball that put us all in the disastrouseconomic mess we are in right now. It is this very same U.S. Chamber ofCommerce that intentionally and knowingly funded AM-CHAM in Egypt,which is the same corporate organization that was bent on keeping thehomicidal lunatic known as General Mubarak in a position of absolutescathing power. Shame on anyone and everyone who supports thischamber’s corporatist agenda to destroy the U.S. Government andhumanity in general. I suggest you think twice about what you areassociating yourself with otherwise you will be held up as equallyguilty for blindly and ignorantly supporting this horrendous act ofstupidity. Wake up America – the UFOTEACHER INITIATIVE is going to be athorn in your ass for a very long time to come.


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