The Richard Smith Show / Episode 9: The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures of Modern Times

The Richard Smith Show
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Just finished airing the new episode #9 of The Richard Smith Show on Supernatural Radio Network #ufoteacher

Episode 9 – The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures of Modern Times // Topics discussed: The Upcoming Presidential Election // Mitt Romney // The Inbred Hayseed known as Paul Ryan // Your grandparents and the politics of fear // Senior citizens voting against their own interests // Grandma and Grandpa are lab rats // The worsening economic crisis: The Portuguese run out of gold to sell // Israeli minister warns of 30-day war with Iran // Zionist regime will disappear from map // Fukushima has destroyed the world // The heinous propaganda of the Oil Industry // The Top 10 Most Mysterious Creatures of Modern Times // There is no such thing as an educated skeptic // Sasquatch // Loch Ness // Chupracabra // Jersey Devil // Mothman // Spring-Heeled Jack // Loveland Lizard // Elves and Fairies //

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Show: The Richard Smith Show – Live from Albuquerque, NM, USA Host: Richard Smith, UFOteacher
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Join host Richard Smith on a journey of exploration, utilization and revelation as he takes you through the rabbit hole of forbidden knowledge, ancient wisdom and paranormal shenanigans. Remember to strap yourself down to something heavy. It’s one hell of a ride!


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