Our correspondence with MUFON

Attn: David MacDonald, International Director
Email: exe.dir@mufon.com, hq@mufon.com
CC: johnfordinitiative@ufoteacher.com, ceo@richardsmith.co, president@richardsmith.co

RE: Our correspondence with MUFON
Date: Monday, July 9, 2012

Dear Mr. MacDonald,

We are writing to you directly in reply to the responses that both of us have received recently with regard to our director Richard Smith and our email updates on THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE.

First, we wish to apologize for any inconvenience our correspondence may have caused. There are very good reasons as to why we have been including you and the rest of the MUFON directorate on the key and pertinent updates with the JOHN FORD INITIATIVE specifically:

1. The Initiative is about freeing John Ford who, like yourself and everyone else in MUFON, is a fellow ufological researcher and truth seeker. He is also the director of the Long Island UFO Network.

2. The Mutual UFO Network being what it is, we felt it imperative to make sure that you and the MUFON directorate remained in the loop as to what we are doing and the progress we’ve been making in freeing one of your own fellow researchers. After all, we can all agree that this is big news and represents a major milestone in the realm of UFO research and accomplishments.

3. That being said, we also thought that with the Mutual UFO Network being what it is, your organization and its directorate would be very interested in coming onboard and assisting us in any way possible with this rather daunting challenge. After all, why shouldn’t your organization be involved in this? Why would we even think of not including you?

Second, to bring a finer point to this, we have been marshaling our entire global social media engine on behalf of all of ufological researchers to bring about the proper education, updates and public awareness as to the injustices that were and are still being done to John Ford. This campaign – THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE – has been moving in a forward motion since March of this year officially.

There is only one email being used – johnfordinitiative@ufoteacher.com – and no other with regard to this endeavor. If anyone from MUFON has received any correspondence from us under any other email address with regard to the Initiative, that is our error and will be corrected.

However, the reason we point this out is due to the fact that we’ve been going strong for over four months now and not once did we ever receive a request from anyone in your directorate to be removed or unsubscribed. Not once.

Had we received such a request within the last four months, we would have acted upon it immediately and removed that person’s email, giving them a courtesy response to state they had been removed. It is only as of late that we have received any such requests for removal and they have been accommodated accordingly.

Thirdly, we are shocked and very dismayed over the senseless milieu of hostility and lack of enthusiasm that has ensued from the members of your MUFON state directorate who represent your organization. We found it especially alarming that there are those in your state directorate that felt it necessary to go out of their way with negative, unprofessional and belligerent verbatim.

Unfortunately, we have had to pass all the recent correspondence from MUFON on to our legal attorneys as some of the comments addressed in those MUFON responses have crossed over into the realm of public libeling and character defamation.

With much regret, we feel that having a relationship with MUFON is not in the best interests of THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE or our associated entities at this time. Therefore, we are severing our membership and associations with MUFON.

We wish you the best of luck in your travels. Feel free to share this correspondence with anyone in your organization.

Olivia Ruiz de Zarate
Corporate & Public Relations




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