MUFON Directorate and Membership – John Ford’s Court Date Set – Donations Needed

Date: July 6, 2012


Help Free John Ford Now – Tell New York to End the
Illegal Imprisonment of U.S. Citizens in Psychiatric Centers

Attn: MUFON Directorate and Membership
RE: John Ford’sCourt Date Set – Donations Needed
Our Goal: Raise $20,000 via PayPal, credit/debit card or eCheck bankacct transfer

Dear members and associates,

On behalf of the John Ford coalition, this is a critical update with ahigh level of importance going out to all who have been kind enougheither to donate money, sign the petition or join the coalition for THEJOHN FORD INITIATIVE.

John Ford’s scheduled preliminary court date is now on the courtcalendar with the Orange County State Supreme Court in Goshen, NY.Scheduled for Sept. 23, 2012,it becomes imperative to realize thefinancial implications of what is about to take place in a few monthsas John Ford and his attorney, Andrea Risoli, prepare for a major courtchallenge this year.

As you know, we need your help in more ways than one – and we are veryserious when we say this. Your aide and assistance in recent monthswith THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE has been invaluable on many levels. Butthe battle to FREE JOHN FORD from the horrible injustice placed uponhim for 16 years has just begun.

People such as David Mansfield, Alfred Lehmberg and David Morton havealready stepped up to the plate to get the ball rolling here. We wantedto thank each of them for their donations.

However, I don’t need to tell you that we definitely need a lot moremoney donations to assist in the highly important court fees and legalservices that Ms. Risoli will need to employ in defending John Fordproperly. It is crucial to get those donations immediately for THE JOHNFORD INITIATIVE so as to cover the court fees and legal services thathave been and will be incurred.

OUR GOAL: Raise $20,000 in donationsvia PayPal, credit card, debit cardor eCheck bank account transfer.

Straight up. Flat out. Make no mistake about this. This is what it willtake to make this a positive success story, get the job done and FREEJOHN FORD immediately.

We prefer electronic payments via PayPal so as to accurately keep trackof all donations coming through but we can also accept bank checks ormoney orders if you feel more comfortable with that option.All paymentsare made securely and privately through PayPal and managed directly byour parent media company RICHARDSMITH.CO LLC. You can safely pay usingeither your own PayPal account or with Visa, Mastercard, Discover,American Express, or eCheck (no registration necessary).

All donations to the JOHN FORD INITIATIVE specifically will be solelyused to assist and pay for attorney fees, court fees and legalexpensesthat have been incurred in order to retain the rather importantand much needed legal services of his defense attorney, Andrea Risoli.Anything you can do here and now with respect to a donation will beextremely appreciated as we really do need your help and support!

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER: Make a donation of $300 and get six monthsof free advertising in our rotating banner ads right at the top ofUFOTEACHER.COM on every page. Make a donation of $500 and get one wholeyear of free advertising in our rotating banner ads on UFOTEACHER.COM —YOU SAVE $100! CALL TODAY: 516-690-4059

Remember folks, this is the year that everything must be put right.This is the year that justice must prevail. This is the year that weFREE JOHN FORD once and for all. Plain and simple. It must be done!

This means your donation is the key ingredient to making this allhappen. To this end, we have left the donation amount open to you,which means you are in control of what you want to give. Remember,whether it be $1 or $1000, your donation is always appreciated as itmakes possible our efforts to move in a forward motion and FREE JOHNFORD immediately. Above all, please donate often and as much as youpossibly can for every single dollar makes the difference.

Sign the petition. Make a donation. Spread the word. We need to getthis done. We need to FREE JOHN FORD NOW!

Thank you for your time, interest and consideration on this highlycritical and urgent matter. With all due appreciation and muchgratitude, we hope to hear from you soon.

Richard Smith, Peter Moon and the late George Dickson

Office: (516) 690-4059

CC: Peter Moon, Sky Books Publishing
Andrea Risoli, Attorney at Law; Risoli Law Firm
John Ford, Patient #10022 / Ward 45-46; Mid-Hudson Forensic PsychiatricCenter



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