Filer’s Files #27 2012 – “Roswell Happened!” -CIA Veteran, Crop Circles Films

Grand Island, New York sighting occurred Friday, June 29, 2012 at 8:30PM.


George A. Filer III. New Jersey State Director

MUFON Eastern Region Director

July 4, 2012 Independence Day

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In special reports, this weeks files cover:

Chase Brandon CIA Veteran Claims: “Roswell Happened!”, General GeorgeWashingtons First Order to the Army, Crop Circles Films, Iran Threatensto Block Strait of Hormuz Once Again, NATO Stands with Turkey, Do HugeFires Suggest Terrorism, and Frequent Reports of “Fireballs” Continue,Seemingly Unabated.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings were reported over: California,Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi,Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Australia, Canada, France,Ireland, Mexico, Russia, and England in the United Kingdom.

The purpose of these files is to report the UFO eyewitness andphoto/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis around the world andin space. These Files assume that extraterrestrial intelligent life notonly exists, but my hypothesis is that the over a thousand UFOsreported each month represent technologically advanced spacecraftconducting surveillance of Earth. I personally became interested inUFOs when London Control ordered me to intercept one over England whileflying for the US Air Force. Under Project Blue Book, the US Air Forceinvestigated UFOs for more than twenty years; and we continue thisresearch. I believe the God of the universe has spread life throughoutthe cosmos and UFO’s are visiting us in ever-increasing numbers.

I’m writing a new “straight talk” blog about exopolitics, ETtechnology, contact and culture, and the choices we need to make toevolve (or not) past our current condition.

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Special Reports

Lets face it, most of us dont know for sure what is going on, but don’tlet the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice andmost important, have the courage to follow your heart and instincts.

Chase Brandon CIA Veteran Claims: “Roswell Happened!”


CHASE BRANDON is a thirty-five year operations officer in the CIAsClandestine Service who has written “The Cryptos Conundrum.”He livedundercover for twenty-five years and retired from undercoverassignments in 2006, but continues to consult with several intelligencecommunity agencies, the Department of Defense, and numerous state andfederal law enforcement organizations. In his final assignment, Brandonwas a senior staff officer for the director of the Central IntelligenceAgency, serving as an Agency spokesman and CIA’s official liaison tothe entertainment industry. He provided technical consultation to manyfeature films, television series, and documentary programs, such asMission Impossible III, The Bourne Identity, Alias, and 24. He hasconsulted for television programs including The Agency, Alias and JAG.He has appeared on Discovery, Learning Channel, History Channel, PBS,A&E, and has been interviewed on numerous programs.

Chase has written a fictional novel concerning Roswell, so he mighthave motivation for promoting the ET explanation. But if what he saysis true, you would think it would be something he might want to share.

Joining John B. Wells, on Coast to Coast Radio on June 24, 2012, CIAVeteran, Chase Brandon says “Roswell Happened!”
He states he saw written material in CIA files that state an “ET craftcrashed at Roswell from beyond this world” and there were “aliencadavers” recovered. Listen to his first hand statements he made onCoast to Coast Radio YouTube. “There were materials and other items; Ican tell you 100 percent that Roswell happened. I opened a box and sawthe data, cadavers, and photos.”



Listen t

General George Washingtons First Order to the Army

At the start of the American Revolutionary War in 1775, General GeorgeWashington took command of the Continental Army to fight King GeorgeIII and England, then the world’s most powerful nation. The firstgeneral order issued to his pitifully few troops who had little hope ofwinning the war stated:


The General most earnestly requires and expects a due observance ofthose articles of war established for the government of the army, whichforbid profane cursing, swearing and drunkenness. And in like manner,he requires and expects of all officers and soldiers not engaged inactual duty, a punctual attendance of Divine Services, to implore theblessing of Heaven upon the means used for our safety and defense.”

United States and much of the democratic world is at war with RadicalMuslim Jihadist’s who have sworn a solemn oath to destroy America andits allies. This includes Democrats, liberals, conservatives,Republicans, atheists, agnostics, Jews, Buddhists, and media stars. Isuggest General Washington’s orders should be issued again since theyworked in the Revolutionary War, and we are now engaged in a greatreligious war. Rhetoric that will shake your very soul is spoken bysome of the most impassioned Jihadist’s living in our largest citiesand preparing for terrorist actions. The bombings and fires occurringdaily in Afghanistan may also be happening in the United States.

“Treason is the betrayal on one’s country, The Constitution of theUnited States (Article III, Section 3) declares, “Treason against theUnited States shall consist only in levying war against them or inadhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”


I am a retired military man and President of the New Jersey Air ForceAssociation. Many of our members have seen UFOs and many active dutymilitary still regularly report them. Terrorism like any war is foughtwith money and information. The revealing of intelligence vital to theenemy costs American billions of dollars. During the Revolutionary Warthose writers who published stories against the American Revolutionwere tarred and feathered, isn’t it time to tar and feather those whoput us all at risk?

Crop Circles Films



Patty Greer is a fearless film maker who has visited more than 100 CropCircles and created five full feature UFO documentaries. She had an outof body experience (OBE) in the center of a UK Crop Circle and the restis history.

Patty Greer’s movies have clearly shown that Balls of Light arecreating real Crop Circles in Wiltshire England. Two of her films “TheWake Up Call Anybody Listening?” and “Crop Circles 2010 Update The WakeUp Call,” expose astounding visible footage where you can see a directband of communication between two Balls of Light just before they lay aCrop Circle down to the ground in seconds. Proof positive that Balls ofLight made that Crop Circle!

In her recent movie, “4 Stories-One Event-Other Worlds” you can see theOrange Balls of Light up close and in amazing detail. Greer sharesauthentic photos of a door in the Orange Balls of Light where a numberof stunned witnesses watched Illuminated Light Beings with arms, legsand a head come out!

Patty Greer learned to edit her own movies in December 2011 andcompleted her newest movie in February 2012 on her own. “4 Stories-OneEvent-Other Worlds” is a film that you have to see to believe!

Patty has won six prestigious film making awards, yet few have notedher shocking Ball of Light discoveries yet.

In 2011 she signed a movie deal with Gaiam and her movies becameavailable on VOD (hopefully) across Canada and the USA. Her films havewon numerous awards.

It is believed by many that Crop Circles may be the first physicalmanifestation of ET communication that humans can actually see. Visualmasterpieces of art are intentionally laid into fields of wheat,canola, barley and corn year after year all over the world. Researchersbelieve that by simply viewing an image of the sacred geometry of aCrop Circle, one is offered subliminal information that may enhance theviewer and last a lifetime. Is it possible we already have everythingwe need to evolve as a species spelled out in the Crop Circles?

Theyve been photographed and documented in over 60 countries, yet over90% of the most prolific Crop Circles have occurred within a 20 mileradius of the ancient Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire England. Morethan 90% of those Crop Circles were located over aquifers (undergroundpools) and 3 underground streams meet in the center of the AveburyStone Circle. Might there be a connection between the Crop Circles andwater?


A number of sacred sites are located near and around this area such asStonehenge, Silbury Hill and Glastonbury. People have been drawn tothese sites for thousands of years to honor their ancestors and Spiritguides. Many of the same farmers fields are chosen year after year bythe Circlemakers, yet different symbols and messages are left. Many ofthese locations sit on lay line alignments between sacred sites.

In 2006 there were 144 documented Crop Circles worldwide and 46 were inthe UK. In 2007 there were 151 worldwide Crop Circles and 53 were inthe UK. 2008 had 132 WW Crop Circles and 77 were in the UK. In 2009there were 119 Crop Circles with 73 in the UK.

Numerous reports have been shared by people who have had out-of-bodyexperiences with life changing outcomes since laying in a Crop Circle.

Its a magical experience to see acres of grain seamlessly swirled downinto perfect circles, precise angles, and immaculate pathways and withunique centerpieces. This happens overnight in most cases, yet manyCrop Circles have happened in the light of day. Pilots have documentedCrop Circle arrivals within a 15 minutes interval of flying over.Security guards have documented the same thing; IE the Julia SetStonehenge incident.


Two of the movies on this website show real footage of a Crop Circlebeing created in seconds. This footage shows two Balls of Lightcommunicating and then the wheat swirls down in seconds into perfectlines and circles.

These masterpieces last all summer, until the farmers harvest theircrops in August. The Crop Circles then disappear into a memory, savedonly by the photographers, researchers and film makers who documentedthem.

This may be one of the greatest gifts offered to humanity today and youdont even have to go to England to receive the messages. It is believedthat the Sacred Geometry is encoded with keys to a more evolvedconsciousness, and available to all to experience.

Iran Threatens to Block Strait of Hormuz Once Again

One day after the US and the European Union imposed a new round ofsevere sanctions on their oil exports; Iranian authorities addressedultimatums to Gulf States and Western


Powers. The Iranian Islamic Government needs to make some response tothe sanctions to remain in power. The first ultimatum came in the formof an announcement by a member of the national security and foreignpolitics committee in the Iranian parliament: the committee hasproposed a bill that urges Tehran to attempt to deny crude oilshipments passage through the Strait of Hormuz on their way tocountries supporting the sanctions.

The second came in the form of military maneuvers that simulate acounter-attack against US or Israeli targets in the region.

Western sanctions against Iranian exports could cause a state ofeconomic paralysis in the Islamic Republic and direct a hard blow atthe Iranian authorities.”


Blocking the Hormuz strait to 18 million barrels of exports from theGulf would be equivalent to a declaration of war. Western countrieswith fleets, aircraft carriers and naval bases in Qatar and Bahrainwill fight to prevent the closing of the Strait. The USS Ponce has justarrived in the waters off of Bahrain, with mine sweeping helicopters onboard. Four other mine sweepers have moved into the area.

The threat could lift oil prices to $200 a barrel, damaging falteringwestern economies.

While closing the Strait may be possible for Iran for a short period oftime, the U.S. military would prevail in a conflict with Iran in orderto re-open the Strait at a great cost to the Iranian armed forces,”Iran in recent years has acquired “thousands of sea mines, wake homingtorpedoes, hundreds of advanced cruise missiles and possibly more thanone thousand small Fast Attack Craft and Fast Inshore Attack Craft,”U.S. Navy Commander Daniel Dolan wrote.

Blocking the strait that in places is only two miles wide would likelycreate a shooting war between Iranian and mainly US Naval forces. TwoUS naval task forces are in the vicinity and USAF fighters have beenbeefed up in the region. Western forces may choose to attack Iraniannuclear facilities during any conflict.

Iranian ultimatums are psychological warfare tactics, although Iran isvulnerable to bombing of key facilities, a ground war is not in theinterest of either side. US carriers are vulnerable operating inconfined areas. The Islamic Republic could launch surprise attacksdepending on Allah to defeat western forces.

“The Iranians likely consider the sanctions on exports as a declarationof war designed to drive the Iranian people to the brink of starvationin the hope that they will rise up against the government. Iranianslaunched attacks against mock enemy bases located in desert areassimilar to where U.S. forces are located in Kuwait and US Fifth Fleetare in Bahrain. Reports from Irans Islamic Republic News Agency alludedto diplomatic conflict between the United States and Iran.

In any case, the US and its allies aren’t expected to wait around foranother dozen years for the embargo to yield results in Iran. Westernreports confirm that Iran does indeed possess large quantities ofenriched uranium, enough to build nuclear warheads within one year. Noone wants war. Nonetheless, once cornered, Iran could counter-attackthe US warships in Gulf waters.

It seems the West is pushing Iran into firing the first shot in a war.

“The next four months before the US elections promise an escalation inmutual verbal attacks between Iran and the west, until one of theparties decides to open hostilities.” The threat of hostilities willlikely raise oil and gasoline prices.

Russia and China appear to be supporting Iran and Syria no matter howcruelly the Syrian regime behaves, or what the blocking of theStraights can cost. International law fails to face the Russians andstem the bloodletting in Syria. The situation in the Middle East isheating up and nationwide fighting could easily occur. Our sun isheating up creating a situation where unusually hot temperatures maycreate the psychological situation for war.

“And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earthdistress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea andthe waves.” Luke 21:25

NATO Stands with Turkey


NATO on June 26 condemned Syria’s shoot down of a Turkish RF-4reconnaissance aircraft several days prior and stressed its solidaritywith Turkey, one of the alliance’s 28 members. But the alliance stoppedshort of threatening Syria with military action, with members declaringinstead that they would “follow the situation closely and with greatconcern,” according to a NATO release. “We consider this act to beunacceptable and condemn it in the strongest terms,” stated NATOGeneral Secretary Anders Fogh

Rasmussen, following the meeting of the North Atlantic Council, thealliance’s ambassadors, to discuss the shoot down at Turkey’s request.Rassmussen added, “Let me make this clear. The security of the allianceis indivisible. We stand together with Turkey in the spirit of strongsolidarity.” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said on June26 the United States would “continue to stay in close touch with Turkeyabout its security concerns.”Turkey claims that Syrian air defenses, ina deliberate and hostile act, downed the RF-4 in international waterson June 22 after the aircraft had inadvertently entered Syrian airspacefor a brief time, reported Associated Press on June 26 (via TheOklahoman). Turkey has threatened to respond to further Syrianprovocations. (Rassmussen transcript) (Nuland transcript)

Do Huge Fires Suggest Terrorism


Forest fires are causing destruction in some twenty states mostly inthe Western US burning thousands of acres and hundreds of homes. Asingle terrorist could drive around starting these fires creating greatharm to the United States and its citizens.

For first time since2008, a total of eight specially modified C-130s from the Air NationalGuard and Air Force Reserve are helping the US Forest Service fightwildfires raging in Colorado and several northwestern states. SinceJune 25, four Modular Airborne Firefighting System-equipped C-130sstaging from Peterson AFB, Colo., have battled the flames; on June 30,four more aircraft arrived there.

As of early on July 1, these eight airplanes had dropped more than190,000 gallons of fire retardant in 73 airdrops. Starting on July 2,four of the MAFFS C-130s will begin staging out of the Wyoming AirGuard’s base in Cheyenne. “This will give the Forest Service”tremendous flexibility to assist with several regional fires at once,”said Col. Jerry Champlin, 153rd Air Expeditionary Group commander.Thanks to the AFA


Frequent Reports of “Fireballs” Continue, Seemingly Unabated

Peter Davenport the Director of the National UFO Reporting Centerreports that sightings of peculiar luminous bodies have continued forseveral weeks. We do not know what the objects are, and the witnesseswho have reported them seem as mystified by them as we at NUFORC are.

If you see a display of red, orange, yellow, or amber lights in thenight sky, there are a few things we would like the witnesses to do, inorder to preserve the data surrounding the sighting. First, we wouldlike each witness to compose a short, written statement about thesighting, describing what was seen, and what happened. We would like toknow where the witnesses were located, what direction they estimatethey were looking, that angle of elevation above the horizontal plane,how many objects were seen, how big they looked to be (relative to astar or planet in the night sky), and how the objects moved across thesky in front of the witness, e.g. left to right, right to left,straight down, etc..

Also, we would like the witnesses to telephone their local NationalWeather Service office, or the nearest FAA Flight Service Station, todetermine what the direction and velocity of the local winds were, atthe time of the sighting, and include that information in their report.That information about the prevailing winds will allow us to determinewhether the objects observed were moving in the same direction as thewind, or whether they were moving in a direction different from that ofthe wind, and therefore were self-propelled. Thanks to Peter Davenport,Director National UFO Reporting Center

Sightings in the United States

California Ball and Triangle



Oakdale — I had spent the day with my niece at her home on Saturday,June 2nd, 2012. There was a lot of spraying being done by planes so Ihad been looking up at the sky all that afternoon and taking photos. Inoticed the white clouds just hanging around and I decided to take somephotos. After taking the picture I immediately went to my photo file onmy cell phone to see how the photo turned out. When looking at thephoto we both said: “What the heck is that!” I immediately took anotherphoto of the same spot in the sky and looked at the photo. Nothing wasthere. We thought lets put some mascara on the cell phone lens thatjust left a smudge.


When I enlarge the photo on my cell phone, you can see some wave likegas vapors around the object.


Note: The witness is to be commended for trying the “mascaraexperiment.” Clearly the witness took a photo of a round object.Analysis indicates that the photo has not been tampered with and thesubsequent photos do not show the object. What could this object be? Itis not a weather balloon because it is much later than the launchwindow. It could be a commercial balloon, but I dont know what type.Thanks to William Puckett, Director


San Francisco —
I took this photo of a strange triangle with three lights hoveringsilently over southeast San Francisco. Photo was taken on June 25,2012, from 947 Folsom Street, at around 8.30 pm.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Colorado Balls of Fire Ground Aircraft

Pike National Forest A possible meteor grounded planes fighting theSpringer fire in Colorado near Lake George according to spokespeoplefor the fire-fighting team. A Pueblo air-dispatch center beganreceiving reports of “balls of fire or something in the air” thisafternoon, and officials grounded flights to make sure no aircraft werehit, fire team spokesman Ron Roth said. Planes were allowed to resumeflights about 90 minutes later.

“We dont have to determine what it is, just that its safe to fly atthis point,” he said.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command based at Peterson AirForce Base in El Paso County doesnt think whatever fell was man-made.


“We have no indication anything manmade entered that area.” said NORADspokesman John Cornelia, adding, “We have no information as to whatthis might have been.”

The incident near the fire was first reported near Badger Mountain, aBadger Mountain, Colorado 11,294-foot peak in Park County along U.S.24, about 40 miles west of Colorado Springs on June 20, 2012.


Ron Davis, who lives part-time in Lake City, said by e-mail that he washiking on Redcloud Peak in Hinsdale County when he saw what he thoughtwas silvery “space junk” burning across the eastern sky, traveling fromnorth to south with a white tail. He had just turned off his iPhone andfew minutes before and couldnt snap a picture or video, he said.

“It was an amazing sight,” he said of the spectacle that last two tothree seconds before it disappeared close to Earth.

Chris Peterson, a research associate at the Denver Museum of Nature andScience, said today was not a “shower” but a single meteor.

“It was unusual because meteors are seldom bright enough to be noticedduring the day, although they occur as often in the day as at night,”he said in an e-mail.

The museum operates meteor cameras across the state, but they areturned off during the day.

“All the information we currently have is from witness reports,” hesaid. He said he had received more than a dozen reports, from as farnortheast as Limon.

If any meteorites were produced, they would have fallen in northeastColorado, Peterson said.

Almost 400 firefighters are battling the Springer fire, currently at,1,145 acres and 23 percent contained. The U.S. Forest Service reportedthe fire started Sunday is being fought by five helicopters, with twoheavy air tankers and three single-engine air tankers “available asneeded.”

Note: I have never heard of meteors grounding aircraft? Space junkdoesnt seem to be viable explanation given that NORAD didnt detectanything. (NORAD tracks space junk.)

Joel Small says:

It is somewhat rare, but not unheard of meteors being seen during theday. BUT those firefighting pilots know all that is at stake whendelivery of waters and fire suppression is delayed even just forawhile, then to learn they were grounded, albeit temporarily, topossibly avoid being struck by a meteor or what-ever-it-was-they-saw”Somethings happening here; what it is isnt exactly clear.”

“We dont have to determine what it is, just that its safe to fly atthis point,” he said.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command based at Peterson AirForce Base in El Paso County doesnt think whatever fell was man-made.

“We have no indication anything manmade entered that area.” said NORADspokesman John Cornelia, adding, “We have no information as to whatthis might have been, it was an amazing sight,” he said of thespectacle that last two to three seconds before it disappeared close toEarth.

Chris Peterson, a research associate at the Denver Museum of Nature andScience, said today was not a “shower” but a single meteor. “It wasunusual because meteors are seldom bright enough to be noticed duringthe day, although they occur as often in the day as at night,” he said.The fire is being fought by five helicopters, with two heavy airtankers and three single-engine air tankers “available as needed.””Somethings happening here; what it is isnt exactly clear.

Note: I have never heard of meteors grounding aircraft? Space junkdoesnt seem to be viable explanation given that NORAD didnt detectanything. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.comand photo.

Florida Triangles


Pensacola BEACH On May 24, 2012 about 9 PM, we were on the beach at theentrance to Ft. Pickens when we noticed a bright object that suddenlyappeared in the sky to the north of Gulf Breeze, FL. The object bobbedaround for a few minutes and began to descend. The light patterns didnot match conventional aircraft running lights and were stunninglybright. At first we thought it may be a plane coming into to land atthe airport, but it would descend, ascend, and then descend again,sometimes winking out and then reappearing a few degrees higher. Aftera while we became curious and chased the object down for several miles,driving back into town to an area referred to as “East Hill”. When wefinally got close enough to it to see what it was about 200 feet awaywe made out a distinct triangular outline with 3 lights on each corner.At three miles distance the object appears as a glowing golden disk. Myfriends in a second car closer to the object stated it made no noiseand “glided” over the treetops. After a while it hovered out of ourline of sight over the treetops.

Nine days later on June 2, 2012, a similar object was sighted andphotographed by two different people around 9 PM. One photo was takenby each person with a gap of ten minutes between each sighting. A thirdand fourth witness whom we met later that night described a similarobject that resembled a triangular pattern of lights confirming theearlier sighting. This photo was taken by other witnesses.

Thanks to MUFON CMS

Illinois Triangle

Peoria — About 9:20 pm on June 17, 2012, my daughter and I weredriving home after getting off work. As we got half way down our streetwe noticed a low flying object just above tree tops with 8-10 bright,white lights and one red light on the end. The object lookedtriangular. There was no sound. As we pulled into the driveway westopped to watch it just above the tree line. The object turned “on adime” and at a high rate of speed took off in a different direction anddisappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO ReportingCenter

Indiana Disc


SEYMOUR On July 1, 2012, objects captured by digital camera whiletaking photos of storm clouds. Objects were NOT seen whilephotographing.

Thanks to MUFON CMS





Maine Triangle



MILLINOCKET — This UFO video of some kind of triangle-shaped objectwas recorded about 15 miles north of Millinocket in Maine on June 19,2012.

Thanks to

Michigan Two Suns


Mattawan — My mom and I were driving west on I-94 when it looked likethere were two suns in the sky. One sun, the real sun was bigger, butthere was a smaller one just as bright off to the left. It was theweirdest thing ever. I did get three pictures of them. I expected tohear something about it on the news, but never did. Clearly otherpeople had to see it. Thanks to MUFON CMS



Mississippi Light


MONTGOMERY — I was outside on my back patio on June 26 2012, at 9:30PM, and I was using my digital night vision monocular.

I like to observe the wonders of the universe and heard the roar of afighter jet. I am scanning trying to find the fighter jet from ournearby base when I saw a very bright moving star. I grabbed my Droidand shot six pictures at 4X zoom with the digital night vision device.I watched in awe as this huge white “thing” flew across the sky. Itmoved towards me and made a gentle 90 degree arc moving south. I keptit in my viewfinder when suddenly it vanished. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Missouri Triangle


Independence I am the Assistant State Director for MUFON Missouri, andon July 1, 2012, I had this sighting with 17 friends and family whilewe were at a birthday party for my granddaughter. I was looking at themoon when I noticed an object moving northwest. I saw the triangleshape and three very bright white lights pointing downward, and one redlight in the center which was flashing sequentially, it made no soundand flying at 500 feet and under a mile due to the size of it. It wouldtake a golf ball or larger to cover it up at arms length.


After a minute, the front light on the point of the triangle went outfor a few seconds then back on, and the other lights all startedflashing randomly, which was completely out of the ordinary for anycommercial or military craft. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New Jersey Looked On Fire!

PRINCETON JUNCTION On June30, 2012, my girlfriend pointed out whatlooked like a fast moving fireball traveling northeast at 11:30 PM. Wefollowed it and it seemingly “burned out” and disappeared less than aminute later, Another fireball came from the same area as the firstagain burning out where the first one had. This occurred again two moretimes, all originating from the same spot and burning out in the samevicinity. This occurred over 7 to 10 minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Light



MY sister and I were driving when in front of us in the sky I saw abright light, sort of like a search light but just pointing forwards onJune 24, 2012. As we drove closer, we could see an aircraft with asmaller red light on one side and a bluish-white light on the other. Atfirst it seemed as though this was a plane with wings, but it was notmoving. It was hovering.

It was hard to tell whether the two smaller lights were attached towings but it looked like a disc, with the two lights on either end andthe one bright light in the center. It made no sound. Following thebend of the road our view was obstructed by trees and object and it wasgone. The white light highest up is the unidentified object. Thanks toMUFON CMS



GRAND ISLAND — My sighting occurred Friday, June 29, 2012 at 8:30 PM.I saw an object that was silent and slowly moving. It was visible for15 minutes and flying extremely low. I didnt believe in these thingsuntil now.

Note: This photo is highly suspect. I believe that it is a real photo,but what is it a photo of? Questions have been posed to the witness.Thanks to William Puckett, Director




Ohio Lights and Disk


Hudson — Myself and a friend were driving from Twinsburg at 10:30 PM,on June 27, 2012, heading south on State Route 91. As we approachedHudson we noticed eight red lights in a formation. We pulled off theroad and took pictures as the lights went out one by one. The lastlight to go off went off then flickered on again so I took more phototime lapse shots. I seem to have caught the red lights with some whitelights mixed in. Thanks to MUFON CMS


RICHMOND HEIGHTS — I was standing on my balcony at about 10:20 pm,when I saw a bright light moving slowly on June 17, 2012. It startedmoving faster until I couldnt see it. About three minutes later I sawanother one moving just as fast and in the same direction. All of asudden it started moving back in the direction it came from until Icouldnt see it. It had one bright light and a couple of smallerblinking lights one that was red on a disk shape. Thanks to PeterDavenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center

South Carolina Cylinder


I took several quick order photos of my car at a scenic location on May15, 2012. The first two photos were nearly identical and no more than asecond apart. I did not notice anything but weeks later when enhancingthe photos I noticed something above the mountain. One had a smallhorizontal cloud hanging parallel to the mountain top; a second laterit was gone. When zoomed it appears as a cigar shaped object. Thecamera was a Nikon D90 digital. Thanks to MUFON CMS



Texas Oval Shaped Craft


Cedar Park On June 27, 2012, at 9 PM, I was out in my backyard and sawslow 40 MPH moving object. I got out my phone, but it was dead. Theobject stopped over my neighbors house and hovered there for about tenminutes. It was a giant oval shaped craft with red and green lightsflashing around the craft. It slowly started to move towards me. I madethis drawing of the craft, but I am just not sure what happened becauseI awoke at 3 AM, to see my room blurry and total blinding white light.Then the light disappeared and that was all I remember. I saw it againthe next night. Thanks to William Puckett, Director


Utah Triangle

Salt Lake City — I am a pilot and I saw an object that was not normalflying 2,000 agl above downtown on June 12, 2012. It headed straightnorthwest with no sound. There were 7 to 9 bright white lights on atriangular shape in flight.
((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides nocontact information. PD)) Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director NationalUFO Reporting Center

Worldwide UFO Sightings



Albury — Peter Maxwell Slattery says, “I’ve spotted UFOs many times near my home in Albury and I was coming back from the supermarket, when right in front of me was a very bright phosphorescent electric green fireball.”

It was flying parallel to the ground at about 60 meters (150-200 feet). The white ball was about 10 meters or 30 feet in circumference, and green on the sides, and it had a small tail. I saw it in January 2005 and 2009. I saw it again, it was blue. This one I saw in Hato El Cedral, a wildlife refuge in the South-west of Venezuela.

Canada Cylinder


Scarborough — I thought to share a strange image taken June 20, 2012at 10:04 AM. While at work there were some bright white flashes in thewest like a cameras flash, so I took some pictures. After reviewing thepictures I found a dark long streamline hydro line. My friend Georgeagrees it is not an insect, but something in the distance.

Note: This isnt just an anomaly discovered in a photo. The witness sawsomething unusual and this object showed up in the picture. Theexposure time was only 1/160 second. Given this fact the “insectexplanation” is not likely. Thanks to William Puckett, Director



France Crop Circle

Chcy, Boigny –June 11; Flat-d’tain, nr in





Ireland Light


UFO sightings – This unknown bright object was recorded in the daytimesky above Ireland on Friday, 29th June 2012.


Mexico Light


TIJUANA — This footage of huge unknown light flying across the skyover Tijuana in Mexico on Wednesday, 27th June 2012.





Published on Jun 11, 2012 by thirdphaseofmoon

Best of UFO Sightings of June 2012, but I have to say this is some ofthe best footage that has come into Thirdphaseofmoon! If you havecaptured anything amazing regarding UFOs please contact on Facebookthirdphaseofmoon




Russia Lights


Published on June 19, 2012 by YNETGLOBALMEDIA

United Kingdom Flying Object

BOSTON — It first started on the 27th of July, when I happened to lookout of my bedroom window at 11:10 pm, because I am interested in UFOactivity. I spotted one with a hint of blue with my telescope andfocused in on blue, red, white green all sorts of colors in thedistance. I couldn’t make out a shape, just extremely bright lightsthat I watched for an hour. It seemed to move slowly to the right thenup down.

The following night it was very cloudy but at about 12 am there was abreak in the cloud and it was in the exact same place! I watched foronly a minute and it appeared out of nowhere looking bigger than theprevious nights. My partner and I looked through my telescope but Istill couldn’t make out a shape. And then last night at around 11 pm,it was much closer again. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UFO Conferences


Announcing the 2012 MUFON International Symposium

August 3rd 4th & 5th 2012 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Centerjust over the bridge from Cincinnati. Anticipate an optional tour ofthe Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Home of the Air Force Museum.SPEAKERS ARE:

George Filer, Stanton T. Friedman, John Greenewald, T. L. Keller, Kathleen Marden, Nick Pope, Thomas Reed, Geraldine Stith, Donald R.Schmitt, Travis Walton.


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I was sitting at my desk, pondering how I could get people interestedin getting my work of the last thirteen years. I have put together aDVD of Filer’s Files with hundreds of great photographs and UFOsightings.

Additionally, I have decided to include my book within the DVD thatincludes George Ritter’s exciting abduction story by Linda MoultonHowe. Broadcaster David E. Twichell has also included much of hisexcellent dialog for a donation of only $50.

We also include a year’s subscription. Please include your e-mailaddress and mailing address.


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I am offering eleven years of Filer’s Files on a DVD with thousands ofphotographs and sightings for a donation of $50 that includes thisyear’s subscription. Please include your e-mail address and mailingaddress.


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God Bless Our Troops and Georgie Filer and Eddie Pedrick my grandsonswho drowned.

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