SponsoredTweets: official sponsor and advertiser for THE UFOTEACHER INITIATIVE

We have hooked up with SponsoredTweets as a sponsor for THE UFOTEACHERINITIATIVE and UFOTEACHER.COM. Please show them support and check outhttp://spon.tw/r2Ko3

You may also see our profile page at http://spon.tw/p2Ko3

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This is a fantastic way to generate extra revenue while using your ownTwitter account in a very easy and useful manner. We’ve been doing itand receiving amazing results. It’s something that you should not missout on.

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Richard Smith


Our current advertisers on Twitter:

Today’s awesomeness brought to you by SMM, the world’s leading tradefair of the maritime industry http://spon.tw/t1xMvc #ad

Today’s tweets are sponsored by SMM and their 25th leading trade fair,Sept. 4-7, 2012 http://spon.tw/t1xMB2 #ad

I found this band called Love Supine. They’re hot. FREE SONG DOWNLOADfor my Twitter followers brought to you by http://spon.tw/t1xMGo #ad


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