George Dickson has passed away

Dear friends and associates;

I have some very sad news to share with you all.

I received word from Peter Moon today that our good friend GeorgeDickson has passed away. He was a great friend to me, as well asphilosopher, explorer and paranormal researcher. His passing representsa great loss for all of us. I had called his family today and gave mycondolences to his wife Linda.

I had known George since the nineties when I first met him at the Eyesof Learning. He had giving an awesome lecture that night and I believethat’s when he took a direct interest in me and what I was doing withmy own work.

What started out as his involvement with the original Montauk Projectevolved by leaps and bounds over the years into a quest for knowledgeand wisdom as well as a fiery passion for the Mayan legacy and itsprophecies, evident in his ongoing Friday night radio broadcasts on theL.A. STEEL SHOW on BlogTalkRadio.

It was George himself who recently got me onboard to team up with bothhimself and Peter Moon to go after the JOHN FORD INITIATIVE to freeJohn Ford. It was George who, in a recent interview on the L.A. STEELSHOW, had stated on the air as to how impressed and happy he was to seeall the progress I had made with the initiative itself.

I had always imagined that he would be there right to the end to seethe fruits of our labors come to fruition. I can only hope that hisspirit will be watching over us as we continue on without him. I willmiss him very much. I am missing his wise and gentle voice already.

In all sincerity,

Richard Smith

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sky Books
Date: June 15, 2012 8:33:43 AM MDT
To: John Ford
Subject: George Dickson has passed away
Reply-To: Sky Books

Rick – please notify any you know and include on your website. Also,tell John Ford if you talk to him.

I just received news that George Dickson passed away yesterday. He wasidentified as “Mr. X” in “Montauk Revisited” and I recently saw him forthe first time in years when my Bulgarian friends visited. He wasdeeply involved in the Montauk scenario long before it ever becamepublic and just recently recounted his very disturbed memories ofhelping to procure the technology for the Montauk Chair. George hadbeen suffereing from different health problems over the years and hisdeparture is not completely unexpected.  One thing about him thatalways amazed me was that he was completely certain that he was not abody and would live on no matter what. For me to have just visited himwas a very nice way to say goodbye to someone who helped along the way.His funeral arrangement, which will be upstate, are now beingarranged.  Goodbye George!  Thank you for all your support.


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