Dear Richard:

One of my members from New Mexico suggested that I write to you regarding my UFO case, below is the release that I sent out. If your interested please feel free to contact me


April 12, 2012
Dear Editor or News Director:
For those of you whom may be unaware of the writer of this letter: My name is Dave Aaron. In 1986 I created the UFO AUDIO VIDEO CLEARINGHOUSE. The worlds largest UFO audio-video library.

I also had a very close encounter with a landed UFO on Feb 9, 1964, along with my late mother & father In Hacienda Hgts, Ca.
Because of this event, I created THE UFO AUDIO VIDEO CLEARINGHOUSE, after the invention of the home VCR. (See YOU TUBE SEARCH DAVE AARON, LOOK FOR UFO EVIDENCE COLLECTOR, DAVE AARON, Play that icon.) We have supplied UFO footage to hundreds of UFO documentaries to countries all over the world. Co-edited ROSWELL (THE MOTION PICTURE.) Our address is UFO CLEARINGHOUSE, PO BOX 432-IN, YUCAIPA, CA 92399-0432 USA, EMAIL IS VIDEOWAITING@AIM.COM.
I have received hundreds of emails, from all over the world regarding the case of our irreplaceable UFO AUDIOTAPES being destroyed by men in anti-bacterial suits in July of last year.(2011) (That was just about the time I release our DVD. “THE SECRETS OF UFO ALIEN PROPULSION.”)

Gone forever are over 1,200 rare UFO RELATED RADIO PROGRAMS. Including

(1) KFGL ROSWELL NM 1947 Walt Whitmore interviewing MAC BRAZEL TELLING OF THE CRASH OF AN UNKNOWN OBJECT NEAR HIS RANCH. (Recorded on a wire recorder and transferred to audio cassette by one of our over 185,000 members world wide.

(2) NICAP’S Maj. DONALD KEYHOLE, ARMSTRONG CIRCLE THEATER. January 22, 1958,(CBS TV-RADIO NETWORK.) Titled “UFOs: ENIGMA OF THE SKIES.” (This program was pre-scripted by the United States Air Force) Year in the year 1958, Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of NICAP* (*THE NATIONAL INVESTIGATIONS COMMITTEE ON AERIAL PHENOMENA)[Later infiltrated by the CIA and totally destroyed.] When Maj. Keyhoe wanted to tell the truth about UFOS he diverged from the AIR FORCE’S script, his microphone was ordered turned off under orders from the Air Force Officer in the radio studio. This very rare broadcast was just obtained by THE UFOSTORE.COM available on MP3 download.

(3) Louis Lomax KTTV-TV Los Angeles Nov 17, 1966, Barney & Betty Hills early first live TV interview on their history making case. Along with NBC MONITOR news UFO related radio reports, and many more UFO cases that are still part of UFO history. I found out that THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE LIBRARY has this recording along with the boxes and boxes of information on the BARNEY AND BETTY HILL UFO CASE.
Anyone remember Otis T. Carr, who tried to invent a round craft like a UFO, We had his story also. Also destroyed were all the records of where each audiotape & videotape could be found. I was able to save the videotapes, months earlier. Even the floppy disk were destroyed with the names and membership numbers of our members. (Their addresses were coded so only I knew their shipping address.)
Including all the NICAP “On the spot interviews/investigations” conducted by NICAP’s field investigators. (Kindly donated by the late Richard Hall of NICAP, to our UFO AUDIO VIDEO CLEARINGHOUSE on reel-to-reel audiotape, which we transferred to audiocassette. (The CD was not yet invented.)
I kept the roll of still photos I took that July day in 2011, unprocessed. Now I have processed the film and the photos show exactly what I have stated on a number of radio programs, which you can listen to over the Internet (GRALIEN REPORT)(21st Century Radio)(X ZONE RADIO-TV)(PAUL SMITH RADIO.)
Here are the facts exactly as they happened: I have added the photos I took to the UFO web sites that I know of. If the photos don’t show up. Email me. I will send them to you.

Why is the mainstream media not covering the story? Who is? The Internet and Internet radio.

On a Monday in July 2011, I received a phone call from my former girlfriend stating that she was going to loose her home, this was my house. I moved to a much larger house, and would move items into my new home, as time permitted.
We made arrangements to meet on Friday to remove all the VERY RARE UFO AUDIOTAPES out of the garage where they were stored, without any incident for many years.
When I arrived at the house, men in white anti-bacterial suits covered the area. One of my neighbors ran up to me and told me that “Sherry” my girlfriend was found dead on Tuesday. I was in a state of semi shock.
I got out of the car, took my camcorder, and started videotaping the men in the white anti-bacterial suits. “I was told that one of the men was going to get his gun and shoot me if I did not get out of the area at once“.
Instead I drove to the Calimesa, Ca Police Department and told the officer at the desk what was happening. “That thousands of rare UFO AUDIOTAPES WERE BEING DESTROYED” He said that “It was a city matter, and I would have to take it up with the city (Which is closed on Friday’s because of budget constraints.)
So instead. Risking being shot, I took the photos your about to see, by hiding in my auto. You will see my dashboard in one of the photos.
Questions abound. If the house was red tagged by the city, and it says “NO ONE” REPEAT NO ONE MAY ENTER THIS STRUCTURE” Who were the men in the white anti-bacterial suits trashing around 55 years worth of rare UFO audio recording? Why would I be threatened with my life? And finally the mainstream media: Why won’t you take this information and run with it? I know the reason, because both the CIA and NSA control you.

However you, the internet, with all it’s UFO sites can get this information out to every corner of the world, your more that welcome to publish the photos in any manor, as long as it tells the information in this letter.
In closing, I am not Bill O’Reilly, or Rush Limbaugh. I don’t have a national TV or radio show to share this incredible report with.
Yet before Bill O’Reilly was on the FOX news Channel, he did a little show called “NEW ENGLAND AFTERNOON”. Many of his guests were investigators or authors in the UFO field. Today Bill’s “No Spin Zone” is very quiet about the UFO cover up.

But I do have you, the people who built the Internet UFO sites, and some friends in radio. The old Chinese Proverb states one photo is worth then thousands words. Attached are the photos of this event. All photos sent by my email VIDEOWAITING@AIM.COM are assured virus free. Most Sincerely
Dave Aaron
YUCAIPA, CA 92399-0432 USA





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