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> Show: Rick Smith (European Confessions of a Moorish Legacy) Pt 2 > Date/Time: Jun 13, 2012 9:00 PM EDT
> Description: Richard Smith, also known as Rick Smith and UFOteacher > in paranormal circles, is an alumnus of the State University of New > York. He has an Associate in Applied Science in Advertising Art and > Design from Farmingdale College (1991) and a Bachelor of Science in > Visual Arts from Old Westbury College (1996). Since 1991, Smith has > allowed himself to be a conduit of downloaded extraterrestrial > information, turning such conversations with what he refers to as > Mother (aka. the Crone) into the golden thread of visual communication > that emanates throughout his work as an artist, poet and lecturer. The > artists exploration into this realm resulted in an evolving process > requiring subject and medium to become symbolically and metaphorically > enmeshed with one another. Though he began working in acrylics, this > exploration led him down the path of a mixed-media artist and graphic > designer. Smith coined the phrase extraterrestrial downloading back in > the early 1990s with his artwork at a time when such ideas or concepts > where just beginning to penetrate the general publics awareness. Since > then the phrase, inspired by the hi-tech industrial revolution of the > nineties, has spread far and wide becoming a household term in todays > world. He gets a good laugh out of this knowing that if he had a > nickel for everytime someone used the term, hed be a very rich man. > > Listen: Click to listen.
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