For Immediate Release: May 27th
Contact: RICHARD SMITH, 516-690-4059

97 Concerned Citizens Sign “Help Free John Ford Now – Tell New York to End the Illegal Imprisonment of U.S. Citizens in Psychiatric Centers. Sign this petition today.” petition

On May 22nd, residents from Albuquerque delivered a petition to Steven Bellone, Suffolk County Executive, Thomas J. Spota, Suffolk County District Attorney, Judith A. Pascale, Suffolk County Clerk, Vincent DeMarco, Suffolk County Sheriff, Joseph Sawicki, Jr., Suffolk County Comptroller, Angie M. Carpenter, Suffolk County Treasurer, Legislator Edward P. Romaine, Legislator Robert Calarco, Legislator Lynne C. Nowick, Legislator Jay H. Schneiderman, Legislator William J. Lindsay, Legislator Wayne R. Horsley, Legislator Kate M. Browning, Legislator Ricardo Montano, Legislator DuWayne Gregory, Legislator Tom Muratore, Legislator Tom Cilmi, Legislator Steve Stern, Legislator Kara Hahn, Legislator Thomas F. Barraga, Legislator Lou D’Amaro, Legislator Sarah S. Anker, Legislator John M. Kennedy, Legislator William Spencer, William J. Lindsay, Presiding Officer, Terrence G. Pearsall, Chief of Staff, Gail Vizzini, Director of Budget Review, George M. Nolan, Counsel to the Legislature, Sarah Simpson, Assistant Counsel to the Legislature, Tim Laube, Clerk of the Legislature, Renee L. Ortiz, Chief Deputy Clerk of the Legislature, John H Rouse, Superintendent of Highways, The New York State House, The New York State Senate, Governor Andrew Cuomo, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama signed by 69 people.

The petition was created on the website and states, “End the illegal, illegitimate and highly unethical imprisonment of John Ford – FREE JOHN FORD NOW!”

We urgently need your help. Long Island UFO Network Chairman John Ford was railroaded by the Suffolk County Government of New York simply because he came too close to uncovering the infamous South Haven Park UFO crash and the illegal toxic waste dumping taking place in many parts of Suffolk County. Targeted by a level of corruption that would put anyone in a state of utter shock and disgust, John Ford has been a political prisoner at the MID-HUDSON FORENSIC PSYCHIATRIC CENTER in New Hampton, New York. This is a critical matter that directly affects everyone’s individual civil rights. Join this grassroots movement. Help Free John Ford Now – Tell New York to End the illegal, illegitimate and highly unethical imprisonment of John Ford. Sign this petition today and spread it around. Ask everyone you know to sign it.

For more information about John Ford’s story, please visit our central headquarters at Get information, updates, interviews, links, documents, articles and donations relating to THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE. Download them. Print them. Spread it around.

To read the petition go to: is a new online organizing platform, created by the non-profit organization Civic Action, that allows individuals and organizations to run their own online campaigns.

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