It’s all part of the plan!

Okay, I have finally landed in Denver. I am stuck here for three hours before the next flight to New York. I am currently signed in at one of those Internet Cafe stations to post an update and the space bar on this damn keyboard is pissing me off. Anyway, I am alive with all my limbs attached so far. The prop plane I was on was like riding a roller coaster on crack. And forget about taking a gasp of air while sitting in one of those bullshit munchkin oompah loompah seats. You squeeze your ass into one of those and hope to hell you don’t have your spleen cave in on the landing. I just love flying these micro-shitwagons. I bet if you opened the engine, you’d see two mice and racoon running in circles. But I am thoroughly enjoying myself as I truly needed this vacation and will report back to headquarters again when and if I make it to New York with my ass attached.


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