Getting hitched the right way in Albuquerque

Getting married? Feeling harried and stressed out? Ready to jump off a bridge?

Stop. Take a deep breath. Read this article. Help is on the way.

On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, Diane Maromaty married Mr. Richard William Smith and officially became Mrs. Diane Smith as of 4:00 PM that day. As weddings go, the newly weds will be happy to tell you that this one was quite unique on all levels.

Held at the Casas de Suenos Old Town Historic Inn known on Rio Grande Boulevard in Albuquerque, the ceremony itself was directed and officiated by Kelly Atkin of Amor Ceremonies and professionally photographed by Roy Ricci of Ricci Photography. Witnesses were in attendance from Casas de Suenos and the weather itself could not have been more perfect that day even if Norman Rockwell himself had illustrated it.

As a non denominational wedding officiant, Kelly Atkin brings her own brand of professional insight and experience with Amor Ceremonies, assisting her customers well in advance with options and choices that take into account everyone’s requirements and personal needs while giving each and every couple a perfect ceremony every time.


“Kelly is wonderful to work with,” stated Diane. “She supplied us with several different options on our wedding ceremony and helped us customize the one we chose.”

The ceremonial options being referred to include titles such as Ceremony of Love, Combo of Ceremonies, Traditional Ceremony, Somewhat Uncommon, Re-Marriage Ceremony and Short But Sweet, to name a few.

“Wedding arrangements can be stressful enough to begin with. Kelly made it such an easy and seamless process,” said Richard. “She worked around our schedule and had no trouble whatsoever with accomodating the venue we chose to have our wedding at. In case you’re wondering, Diane and I chose Short But Sweet and then we made it our own with Kelly’s advice.”

What people may want to know is that Ms. Atkin also supplies her customers with that other highly important key element of each and every special union – the wedding photographer!

And we are not just talking about any photographer.

A superior artisan who knows his craft inside and out, Roy Ricci, master and commander of Ricci Photography, carries many years of experience behind him in both traditional and digital photography.

“We are so happy to have him do this with us,” says Diane. “I couldn’t believe how many photographs he took. He put a lot of time and effort into getting the absolute best images out of our wedding that anyone could ever hope to have.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Ricci goes one step further and supplies his customers with a beautiful and professionally done interactive wedding album portfolio on DVD. From this type of digital media, you get a complete set of high resolution images that allows customers to do just about anyting they desire, including uploading selected photos to an online album, sharing them with all your social media friends and online venues as well as printing hi-res photos at any outlet such as Wal-Mart for duplication.

“The digital album is absolutely awesome,” said Richard. “It immediately works with Picasa 3, a service directly connected to Google and Google+ Photos, making it very easy to sync, upload and share with all our family and friends through our Picasa album and Google account.”

Sounds like a couple of very happy customers indeed. With Kelly Atkin helming the ceremony and Roy Ricci capturing it all on film, how could these newlyweds not be happy?

Of course, as the events of the day began to wind down, Diane and Richard were looking forward to enjoying all the warm and appealing amenities of Casas de Suenos in the Manzana Suite. With its southwestern feel, this master suite was held on reserve for the two with its king-sized bed, soothing jacuzzi hot tub and comfy den-like living room.

“The room was so good to be in,” says Diane as we caught her the following morning eating a homemade omelet in the establishment’s dining area, cooked to perfection by the in-house chef.

“We definitely want to come back here very soon and spend a few days in the Manzana room. The bed felt like you were floating on a cloud.”

“And it’s in a perfect location here with Old Town itself,” Richard stated. “By the way,” he says turning towards the chef, “this breakfast burrito is the best I’ve ever had anywhere in Albuquerque.”

So there you have it. Amor Ceremonies, Ricci Photography and Casas de Suenos. When you want it done with professional taste and unique flavor in a beautiful environment, this is the perfect combination for a perfect wedding everytime.

Feel free to contact them anytime and get your wedding plans moving in a forward motion today!

Ms. Kelly Atkin
Amor Ceremonies
Call: 505-453-8602
Facebook: amorceremonies

Roy Ricci
Ricci Photography
Call: 505-250-1113
Call: 505453-8602

Casas de Suenos Old Town Historic Inn
310 Rio Grande Blvd SW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Call: 505-247-4560
Toll Free: 800-665-7002
Fax: 505-242-2162


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