About our blog venue

This blog has been created for several reasons so as to accomodate the interests of our fans and supporters while having the flexibility to attract new people in a global market of tremendous opportunity.

First, this blog represents an extension of UFOTEACHER.COM, its expanded vision and scope as well as its accomplishments as an established online entity since 1996. Created by visionary artist, writer and media host Richard Smith, UFOTEACHER.COM has achieved a tremendous evolution in focus and direction. Originally designed as a biographical account of Smith’s paranormal experiences with extraterrestrial beings, the site has grown in an extraordinary manner with regard to content, design, mission and presence.

Second, in order to remain faithful to the foundational creative and paranormal tenets of UFOTEACHER.COM,  this blog serves to promote the general awareness of any and all events, updates, broadcasts, interviews, speaking engagements, seminars, publications, book signings, art exhibitions, acheivements, failures, opportunities, interests and paranormal shenanigans of Richard Smith, also known as UFOTEACHER.

Third, this blog serves as an active media venue for THE UFOTEACHER INITIATIVE, a global coalition that includes The Richard Smith Show on Spreaker Web Radio, The Richard Smith Show on Supernatural Radio Network, The Gallery Expo, Video of the Day, UFOTEACHER.COM, UFOTEACHER GLOBAL NEWS, THE JOHN FORD INITIATIVE and the Albuquerque Society & Culture Examiner, to na     me a few.

Lastly, this blog serves to promote the general welfare of the aforementioned activities and services by requesting donations to keep us moving in a forward motion with our endeavors. The choice to make a donation as well as the amount of the donation is entirely up to you. Whether it be $1.00 or $1000.00, your much needed donation will always be appreciated in whatever amount you can give.

Regardless of where your interests may lie or what perspective you are coming from, we do look forward to hearing from you. Contact us at your leisure anytime at ufoteacher.com/contact

Change your perspective and have a great life.

Richard Smith

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