Dear Alfred

Thank you so much for taking a step forward and signing the petition for John Ford. It is much appreciated. 

At this time we have 23 signatures but we need a lot more than this. And we need those signatures now!

Please spread the petition around to everyone you know and tell them why it is so important to get this petition signed immediately. Here is the direct link for the petition:

Tell everyone you know that they should spread it around as well – as soon as possible and as fast as possible. A fellow human being’s life hangs in the balance as this directly affects everyone’s civil liberties.

I am including a special link for you to send a direct letter to your local and state newspaper editors as well. It is quite useful and we strongly reommend using it ASAP as it will add support to this growing grassroots movement to FREE JOHN FORD NOW! Here is the direct news editor link:

Lastly, we’ve included a special option to report on whoever you may have called about this as well:

Whether it be your government representatives, the news media, law enforcement officials, professional advisors, legal experts, etc., feel free to use the CALL link to tell us what they said.

Thank you once again for all your support and assistance on this. Help us to end the illegal, illegitimate and highly unethical imprisonment of John Ford – FREE JOHN FORD NOW!


Richard Smith, Peter Moon and George Dickson


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