In case you all would like to have a very nice picture of John Ford attached below for your convenience. It is a photo of him taken in 1996 just prior to his illegal and illegitimate arrest.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Joe Emanon
> Date: March 28, 2012 2:29:22 PM MDT
> To: richard@ufoteacher.com
> Subject: John’s Photo, per your request
> Hi Richard;
> It was a pleasure speaking with you this afternoon. I hope I was able > to clarify events relating to John Ford’s illegal incarceration, and > give you and your readers and listeners some semblance of what was > actually taking place in “Slowpoke” County at the time. I neglected to > mention that John and I are collaborating on a book that I’m certain > will be a shocker when all is told. Have a GR8 day, and please feel > free to call me should you require additional information — or if you > think I can be of any assistance with any aspect of John Ford’s past > or present associations or incidents. The attached photo is of John > Ford the very last time I saw him as a free man – on the evening he > stopped by with other LIUFON members to show me his newly-purchased > Gieger counters. If you’d like to listen to the cellular conversations > we discussed and/or to the events as they unfolded on the evening he > was arrested, please open a guest account to an FTP folder, and I’ll > send them as .WAV files. You can then shut the account down. Burning > them to CDs and entrusting them to the postal service would not be a > good idea. Please advise me with regard to this matter. >
> Sincerely, Joseph Zuppardo

> This is the way I’ll always picture John — but puffing on his trusty > pipe, too! >


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